Lighting Challenge #12: Halloween


great renders all,
here’s my contribution to the challenge, i’m new to SSS so it’s a good training for me(still not sure how it work).
i’m using Mental-ray, 1directional for moon light, 1arealight for the indoor light, tested occ+Zdepht in photoshop too, but the effect didn’t gave what i wanted.



Very nice work…I would love to see a glow coming out of there with some low lying fog



First time entering a lighting challenge though I’ve always watched closely :slight_smile:
Great renders everyone!
This is my first try, hope I didn’t go too off-concept as it’s not as dark as the others I’ve seen here. Maybe I’ll try a darker moonlit version afterwards.
C&C very welcome, thanks.


Jeremy how do I go about adding a cookie sheet to my lights? I tried adding an image of a tree but all it did was shoot out the colored image of that tree. Should I draw it out in black and white? If so where do I put the black and white image in, the color? The intensity?


I usually put a black and white image connected to the “blend” attribute of a blendcolors node. That way I can still control the colors of the light. And then I just connect the outColor of the blendcolors to the Light.color. This is in Maya of course :slight_smile:


im trying to light up the hole scene from inside the pumpkin for some dramatical shining atmosphere. The time is evening and from the right there is shining a blue cold lantern. The Shader and Textures are really not final. C4D + Vray.


i renew the scene:


Damned pumpkins are giving me a headache haha… heres where im at now… i have to brighten up the lower pumpkin a bit, and maybe make them a bit more orange…

yes you are recognizing the 3d total textures haha


Sweet concept Jeremy, I’m in!
Here’s a quick draft:


another test, some play with Zdepht in photoshop :
I wanted to make light-fog, but render time get crazy, so no light-fog snif
Is there any other(faster) way than mr volume shader to do that ?

Very nice work…I would love to see a glow coming out of there with some low lying fog

I tried…:shrug:


I would just do it in post:) That is a great image, I like it.


basic texturing and shading


MasterZap - Yes, I tried the game.

RezaTJazayeri - Looking good. I think there’s some dark areas in the upper corners of the pumpkin mouth and eyes, that stops it from looking as translucent as it could be. When you’re this close to the bricks, you should do some polygon smoothing (subdivision) to make them less faceted looking. I think that shader just gives you the two important controls, but there’s another one with Maya 2008 that also offers Bokeh effects, those would matter if there were a highlight or bright spot in the parts of the background that fall out of focus.

MicahtheMartian - Good start. Spider webs are always nice. It think the texture on the door could be smaller in places, and maybe could rotate or change on different parts of the door like the center vertical beam. It would be nice if more of the light came from a side or above, instead of so much uniformly frontal lighting.

FeD - Great start! I love the ivy, and having the door open a crack is a welcomed change that opens up interesting possiblities. I agree the pumpkin shader/sss needs work, it doesn’t look like a glow coming from the inside yet.

lo - Nice scene! You’ve got a solid physical presence to the objects and a good degree of realism. I think the inside of the pumpkin could be more uniformly bright, filling in all the dark contrasty parts of the interior.

doodlerboy - Black and white images look most like shadows, projecting color images looks more like a color slide projector. With a Maya spot light, images mapped to the color are automatically sized to exactly fit the cone angle. Use a negative penumbra if you want softer edges, not a positive penumbra that would extend beyond the cone angle the map is sized to.



Shordy - Keep going with those tests.

simonjaap - Looking good. Maybe the pumpkins need a bit more light from the outside, a top-light like you have on the brick wall could be good. With that framing, you’ll need to do something for the ground as well.

visua - Great! I think your shadows blocked out there are awsome, can’t wait to see a more complete scene.

FeD - Regarding your newer more close-up image - that’s pretty good too, although you should choose a color for the house that’s darker than the sky probably for some contrast. Maybe if the pumpkin had half as much translucency and more diffuse shading, occlusion, and specular, it would read better.

Fex - Looking good so far!



    Here is  my post. Please post any critiques

Here is new post Thanks for the advice Jeremy


Hello Jeremy and fellow lighting people … this is my first official try :wise: im using the 3ds file import to Maya i got some triangulated geometry (usually happens when i import 3ds files into maya i did try obj file but the occ didn work… im using rfm1 by the way and maya7) as u can see in the metal surfaces upclose to teh camera…

Jeremy ur models are great very clean and detail thank u for taking the time for modeling this for us … as far as lighting goes im still not please i wann get some motivation on those lights im using 2 area lights and 1 spotligt on the pumpkin and i m goin for a night look ok … i keep on going i wanna clean geo before doing some UV work so i can do some texturing … Bye :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips Jeremy. Not sure how soon I’ll get around to a new shot layout, but I did play with the shot I have had so far.

the comp is as it is, the only thing that worries me is rendering out a bunch of render passes from a new camera… haha oh well… I’ll get to it sometime…


Leotril - When you import .obj into Maya, models don’t usually come in with render stats “visible in reflections” and “casts shadows” turned on (the original Wavefront .obj format planned on separate reflection objects…) but if you go into the “Attribute Spreadsheet” window and turn those render flags back on for all the models, you can render occlusion, reflections, whatever you want, and the number “13” will come in on the door from OBJ. The 3DS file is missing the door number because when I imported the OBJ into Max is looked messed up, and I figured most people could create their own text primitives if that lack was a big problem. Keep working on surfaces and translucency.

kwame_h1914 - Good start. You’ll probably need some other light besides the pumpkin, and probably need some translucency for the pumpkin.

psycosven - Looking good!



I have photographed some pumpkins for exposure reference. I carved the crude looking one on the left. Someone who some of you saw at SIGGRAPH with me carved the one on the right, which is Totoro of course, complete with his leaf-shaped hat.

I bracketed my way through 2 sets, one with Fill light, the other in darkness with no fill light. You can see that the pumpkins only look really translucent at certain exposure levels, and that the translucency doesn’t get bright enough to compete with even a somewhat dim fill light. Here’s the pictures to browse yourself:



@Jeremy… Thanksfor the suggestions i didn know that :slight_smile: … i import back the OBJ file for my next render , the references images looks great !!!