Lighting Challenge #12: Halloween


i see some great updates…awesome works guys…

thanks jeremy for your comments and suggestions…

i havent done any major changes in my scene (my pc crashed last week)…just added some fog and changed how the light burst at the back of the reaper…i’ll work on this as soon as i got my pc working again…

anyway, here it is…


herbertagudera - Amazing picture with fog.
It’s strange, we can’t see the textures.


Here is an update of my close up picture into the pumpkin.
I’ve changed the texture, but it’s not what I want,
and the DOF isn’t good, so I still have to try.


Just for fun, I’ve tried a"classic version"
but It’s less creative.


OrganisedChaos - Nice job. The door texture is distracting, when I first looked at it I thought it was a shadow artifact. If it’s supposed to be wood, then assign it to the different planks and panels in a way that goes with their direction. For the light around the pumpkin, most of the light from the candle should be inside the pumpkin. Right now, the inside of the pumpkin only gets a little light, and most of thelight seems to come out of the back of the pumpkin onto the bricks behind it. Try reducing the light outside the pumpkin, and brightening the candle and pumpkin interior so that the face reads well.

DumDums - Welcome! Somehow I can sonly see the thumbnail size, not the full size image. It looks like a good start, could use some light in the pumpkin?

minifong - Welcome! I hope things have gone well at Nanyang Polytechnic since I was there. The plants look very flatly lit, see if you can use light from the side, with shadows, so give a little more shaping and variety to them. Maybe if the light outside the pumpkin were more of a rim, and the inside whiter and brighter, then it would let the face stand-out more?

lighthunder - Welcome! That looks good! See if you can parts of the scene to look a little darker, maybe with more shadows, but bring the inside of the pumpkin up to be whiter and brighter so it really stands out. Maybe the outside of the pumpkin doesn’t need to be so bright and evenly lit, and you could reduce that or bring in light from just one side?

xoranimation - The pumpkin is looking a lot better. Maybe instead of having the light from the left side, it could come from up higher and from farther back, more from the direction of the porch light?

JCBug - Nice idea! I like your alternate angle shots! Your “classic” version is also really nice (this is what you call “less creative”???), it has an organic feel to it and really picks up on the autumn/night setting.

herbertagudera - Keep going with that! Maybe the pumpkin could glow less, and the outside could just get kicks of the red light from behind it or blue light from the sides? And maybe the inside could be a bit brighter in places?



thanks jcbug… i havent textured them yet…still thinking of what texture i should use…

love your updates man…the candle is awesome…

thanks jeremy. will post an update sometime next week…


Jeremy - Thanks for your nice comments ! You’re right,
we can feel the autumn ambiance on the third picture.

It takes 1H30 to render with C4D V10 cause of the SSS
on the pumpkin and the candles.
Photo example :

herbertagudera - Thanks ! I like so much candles.


great work man let me know about the software u used, i am into maya


This is my first try in Halloween…[/QUOTE]


Hi guys, here’s my try on this scene. I used maya and mray


Hi, I’m still working on a perfect night scene, but because I’m easily sidetracked here’s a quick attempt at a daylight scene:

Done in lightwave with a bit of post work in Photoshop.




Haven’t done textures yet, wanted to get a good lighting set up down first and then work on textures.


hi …

Thank you for those kind words…




I know its way past Halloween, but here’s a reloaded version:


Floze - Never too late to share a great image! I’ve fallen behind on making web galleries, but yours will certainly be featured when it goes up.

ElecHeadMatt - Good start on the key light and key light shadows. You might try to make the plant leaves a little translucent where they get back-lit like that. A little bit of colored fill light with occlusion would add to this, and any place you could add a few more glints and highlights from off-screen sources could help bring the scene to life, the specular on the pumpkin is nice for that, but maybe the house and plants and other places could use some?

- Nice textures, good basic outdoor lighting. I like how the porch casts a solid-looking shadow in the lower left, maybe the railing could cast a shadow like that onto the house? Probably the pumpkin could be made a bit more translucent with some light leaking into the walls and a bit filtering into the interior.

pbalsic - Nice scene! You really get the impression the pumpkin is answering the door, and that something else is watching from the top of the door. Maybe the scene could have a bit more contrast in important areas, with a rim or specular kick on the pumpkin, and maybe the flaoting eyes being bigger or brighter? Something to make these things pop, without losing the dark scary look. Maybe you could have less specular on the mailslot as well, just to maintain focus.




I hope its not to late, here is my latest work, done in blender.


chickenkts - Good start. It would be nice to see darker darks in the scene, more blown-out white inside the pumpkin, and much softer shadows on the light coming out of the pumpkin.

fulg0re - Nice scene. It seems a little lacking in color, maybe if the key and fill on the background were two different colors there’d be more contrast and interest. Maybe more shadows could help break-up the back wall as well?



Hi everyone, i’m still a beginner using 3d software… still a student. I know i’m quite late but i hope comment will be given…thanks. but can someone first teach me how to upload my image?? Thanks


Hi everyone, i’m still a beginner using 3d software… still a student. I know i’m quite late but i hope comment will be given…thanks. got one is zipped file…file too big