Lighting Challenge #12: Halloween


This is an old challenge now, this thread is archived. If you scroll down to the Challenge #12 section of the downloads page, you’ll see that the models can still be downloaded for your tests, and also that a gallery has been made of top entries. Feel free to browse this thread to see what others have posted, even though you can no longer post here.

Light the Jack-o-Lantern to capture the spirit of Halloween.

This challenge is based on the holiday of Halloween. For reference pictures, search for Jack-o-lantern or pumpkin.

Files are now available for download:


Here’s a screenshot of the unlit models:


Your goal is to capture the feeling of Halloween, including the autumn time of the holiday and the feeling of spookiness, in a rendering of the scene.

Please include the credit “modeling by Jeremy Birn, a Lighting Challenge” if you put renderings of this scene into your webpage or your portfolio.

Light and render this scene in any 3D software. Use any texturing, shading, lighting, rendering and compositing techniques of your choice. You can change the models as needed, or add any models that fit with the theme of the image. Some polygonal smoothing (additional subdivision) is probably needed in order to render good quality close-ups on these models.



I have a lot of free time, and i like the subject…

Let’s get busy :slight_smile:


nice one !
lets make somethin creepy:twisted:


Hey all, this is my first to these challenges… Don’t have loads of time so I just threw this together real quick in max.

Comments and Critiques always welcome


hi jeremy thanks allot for the great effort in the field of lighting i am new user here may i take participation in this lighting challenge?

Thanks allot just i wanted to know if i could the part of this comp?


Hi Jeremy …
Halloween is woderful idea :thumbsup:

Demo Reel 2007


first try, very basic lighting, no textures
more to come…


can u please post the .3ds format of this file, because the other formats are not being supported in older version of 3dsmax


Sounds fun, I’m in, let’s go trick-or-rendering!


I might be able to get a .3ds file tonight, tonight I go into a school that has Max installed.

For other popular formats (Lightwave, Cinema 4D, etc.), donations are welcomed! Anyone who owns any popular software can import the .obj or .fbx, export something well organized in their own file format, and send me a private message through CGtalk. Either PM me with the URL where I can download the file, or PM me and ask for an e-mail or FTP address to upload it, and I’ll host that file format once I get it.




Welcome everyone! I’m looking forwards to seeing entries from everyone who just posted here.

Fex - Good start!

psycosven - Welcome! That’s a good start. I wonder if the overhead lights should be unified from the center so there’s only one shadow instead of a pair of shadows, and maybe they can be made softer. When the shot is that wide, you’d see it if there were two lamps one on each side of the door or something. It’s a little hard to tell what part of the wall texture is supposed to be the texture of the wall, and what part is supposed to be a pattern of shadows.



great according to psycosven post i could tak participate in the competition!!



hi jermy
Im new to cg society and Lightning challenges. Halloween is a great idea... im in.


My first try(real time) at a lighting challenge. I was playing with the light map. It seems it’s a lot harder to find a satisfying pattern with bare branches than with leaves. Please everyone, tell me what I can do about it. Thank you Jeremy for the wonderful subject. Halloween is my special day.


heres my first try.... i will have problems with lightning the candle. im sure about that… look forward to see what others do.

i renderd the scene on my mac. now that i`m posting it from a pc i can see the colors look totally diffrent. i dont know how to deal with this one…


Thanks to Weepul there’s now a Lightwave .lwo file to download. I also added a .3ds file to the download page.

leiluparker - Looking good! I think most of the image is running a bit too dark, I really can’t see much of the detail brought out in areas apart from the pumpkin. On the pumpkin itself, you might make things brighter, bring out some of the translucency of the candle glowing from the inside.

RezaTJazayeri - Good start! I like the subtle lighting around the door number in the background. Try to get the pumpkin to look more translucent, with light coming through the edges and brightening the edges of the holes.



i thank for the posting of .3ds file


Lookin forward to what people come up with on this one! Should be fun. :slight_smile:


Thought id give it a shot… 3dsmax + vray

sorry for the poor quality

have to work on the sss a bit, cant get it to work properly


Thanks Jeremy. Does this one look better? I forgot to calibrate my monitor after I put in a new hard drive.
RezaTJazayeri, you can go to apple system preferences/display/color, select your monitor, clik on calibrate, and choose gamma 2.2. I hope this will help.