Lighting Challenge #11: Brand X


madmar - That’s a good basic concept. I’m not sure what software you’re using (is it 3DS Max?) but if you have specific questions post them here or in the forum for your software and I’m sure someone can tackle them. The Brand X bottle doesn’t cast much of a shadow, but there’s some kind of shadow to the lower right of it that comes from nowhere. The Leet bottle has a lot of black in it, where I’d expect bounce light on the lower surfaces and some extra environment in the refraction.

d4rk3lf - Great job! You really captured the feeling of jealousy on the part of Brand X. I wonder if it could be taken further, more figures worshipping and fondling the Leet, the camera swung to the left so the Leet is bigger in frame? Just an idea. I’ll have to check whether the normals are flipped on the lower part of the dispenser in some of the exported file formats.

Labad85 & KIDI - Sorry if you had trouble downloading or there was an outage. Please try again, the site seems to be working fine.

Leotril - Good start. Maybe some caustics and more light on the Leet liquid and some softer shadows would all build from here.

pap87 - Welcome! That’s a good start. I’d like to see more color carrying into the white ground underneath them, as I think it would in real life. I like the chrome look for the dispenser and cap, it makes the product look classy and expensive.



ok… So Far…
Just a “White Lights” Rig…
I’m using GI/FG/AO and outputting some frame buffers… I have a draft comp putting it togather.
Next step is the shaders
I’m planing to put a slogan in the upper right (that’s why the composition looks unbalanced for now)

all C&C are welcomed!!
Hey, [u]Are the Rim Lights on Leet way too bright??




Looks great.
I’d try to desaturate the red of BrandX because it’s jumping up distracting the viewer who is supposed to be attracted by the other one.
For the grainy blur caused be the depth of field -which my render is suffering from, you could use the al_DOf_lens_plus shader to get smooth results.


MinaRagaie beautiful rendering.
I think you are right. The light in the left is not working as a proper rim light. Maybe you could try to push it more behind the bottle?
And there is something bizarre a bit in the composition. Thinking about the product as a character, it would be more itneresting -I guess-if it looks right to the negative space rather than looking left outside the frame? Does this ring a bell?
Good luck every one.

doodlerboy as I already explained to you in PM it’s just a basic volumetric shader I used in my rendering.


d4rk3lf- I think you should either swap the two bottles, leet in front and the other in back. Or Blur leet a little. OR you could Blur Brand X a little. I don’t know just a thought.


Thx for the feedback Lazzhar,
what about the right one, do I need to push it more behind the bottle too??

This doesn’t just ring a bell, actually it brought to my mind a couple of pictures from Jeremy’s book. I bet you know them :wink:

as for the composition… there’s supposed to be a slogan (in 2d) at the upper right side of the frame. that way the BrandX bottle will be looking at Leet’s Slogan and leet would be standing “care free” looking "Proudly the other way…
I’ll include that in the next update, then you can tell me if the composition is working for you or not :slight_smile:

BTW I checked your Demo Reel, Nice work:thumbsup:



Yes, I think so - they are going way overrange and clipping over large areas. However, before tweaking it too much I’d recommend finishing the shaders first. If you decide to make your bottle and liquid transparent and drop the diffuse a lot the rim lights might end up being just fine.


Thanks. All the bounce in this shot is coming from radiosity, but the multiple transparent surfaces of the bottle and liquid are confusing it and blocking all the up light on both the caps, so I’ll fake something in there instead. RE: the shadows through the refraction; believe it or not they are there - the bottles are almost lined up in the direction of the light (a necessity since the BrandX bottle is in Leet’s shadow) so in the image of the BrandX bottle in the refraction of the Leet bottle, the shadow is almost directly behind the BrandX bottle (easiest to see in the far upper right corner of the Leet bottle). Again, I may cheat something to make it look less weird, but it’s not bothering me as much as the fact that the BrandX bottle is just entirely too weird looking. It’s supposed to look bad, but not weird and confusingly CG. I think I made some bad shader decisions.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to get a new version in a day or two…


This is my first ever lightning challenge and i have a very little knowlage about lightning, so i did this for fun. Fell free to criticise me a lot. It took me about 3 hours to render this…


[left]Hi everyone [/left]

[left]Nice challenge Mr.Jeremy[/left]

[left]Great work My brother Lazzhar you are the best:thumbsup:[/left]

[left]And My brother MinaRagaie that’s very very great work:thumbsup: [/left]

[left]And this is my image[/left]


Are we allowed to change the label colours or design in any way?


Thanks Jeremy for your comments…
I am using XSI and mental ray to render.

Alright, here is my second try . I ve tried to fix the shadows, and managed to increase caustics effects.

Actually I would like to put some reflections on the bottles. But first, I will try the basic reflection and if I can find time, I will try to use HDR images…

And as far as I ve seen, there are some low res shadows and the brandx bottle is not good as I want.

As always, C&C s are welcome.




Hey again.
Here’s my second attempt:

I couldn’t get any lightbleeding to work so I went for a blurry reflective surface instead.

Actually the graininess is mostly from the DGS material. It’ll go away when I further increase the samples. But where can I get this lens shader you al_DOF_lens_plus shader from?


The site where the models are hosted must be down, I get a timeout when trying to get to it.

Can someone look into this, I was hoping to participate in this one.



AndrewMarch - It’s up and running now if you can try again.

Thanks to mesutcapkin there’s now a Cinema 4D version as well.

pap87 - That’s a nice image. I wish you could favor the Leet more, maybe the Leet casts the bright blue caustics and the Brand X casts only a dark shadow? Something should make it clear that Leet is the better one, the focus and size in frame are a good start but I think something in the lighting could indicate the preference as well. Feel free to change whatever you want about the scene in order to get your point across.

madmar - Especially if you are using XSI, I think you could get nicer caustics from the Leet bottle, and soften the shadows. Maybe the label doesn’t need to cast shadows or at least not block the light so much. I think the label texture isn’t mapped accurately to the Leet label, the white border doesn’t seem to be a consistent width all the way through.

Kain-Hazem - Welcome. That’s a good quality render. Maybe you can keep working and add caustics, and think about other ways to show that Leet is better than Brand X.

DarkNemos - Nice image. The bottles appear to be floating above the ground. I like the metalic look, but it seems strange that the top of the bottle right above the fluid levels is metalic, then the rest is plastic?

MinaRagaie - That’s a nice image. Bright rim/kick lights are no necessarily a bad thing, if they are a part of how you are highlighting the product. Keep going with your concept.



Thanks for the feedback; here’s my second image.

[li]Added bounce lights on both bottle caps. It might be too bright on the Leet bottle but I think it looks OK.
[/li][li]Added caustics.
[/li][li]Moved BrandX bottle slightly away from Leet to get rid of a weird tangent and also to expose the edge of the reflection of the backing in the bottle to make it less confusing.
[/li][li]Some blur in the refraction.
[/li][li]DOF to put BrandX subtly out of focus.
[/li][li]Cheated index of refraction of the leet liquid to make the image of the BrandX bottle less bizarre.
[/li][li]Texture changes to BrandX liquid and plastic to make it also less weirdly CG blurry.


Here is my first setup on this one, still have to smooth out some geometry and fine tune the overall image before the final render.
3 lights used and no post.
C&C and suggestions are welcome!
Cheers everyone!


Hello all,

I’m a newbie poster in this forum, so please don’t be gentle. This is what I got done within my lunch hour. Currently playing around with the lighting before I figure out the best way to display the product. So, anywho tell me what ya’ll thinks.


Second try :wise: … Experimenting with DoF on this one also some color correction and glow added in After Effects…

@Jeremy… Thx for ur comments im trieng to work out the caustics pass i need to use Mr for that one and composite back … hope u like the updates



There’s no Lightwave file to download. :frowning:

Great entries so far though. :slight_smile: