Lighting Challenge #11: Brand X


This is an old challenge now, this thread is archived. If you scroll down to the Challenge #11 section of the downloads page, you’ll see that the models can still be downloaded for your tests, and also that a gallery has been made of top entries. Feel free to browse this thread to see what others have posted, even though you can no longer post here.

Show that Leet is better than Brand X.

Lighting Challenge #11 is on-line! You can download the 3D models and label texture maps from this page:

[left] MIRROR

These scene contains two almost identical bottles of a fictional product. It comes with texture maps for the product labels identifying Brand X on the left, and Leet on the right.

The challenge includes bottle model(s) and label texture maps.
You need to create a comparison image to show that Leet is better than Brand X.


Your goal is to create an advertising comparison image which shows that Leet is better than Brand X. Since the products appear similar, you need to differentiate them through how you light and render the two products.

Please credit the modeling by Anthony J. Thomas if you put renderings of this scene into your webpage or your portfolio. Anthony designed and built the original models.

Light and render this scene in any 3D software. Use any texturing, shading, lighting, rendering and compositing techniques of your choice. The bottles do not have to appear transparent, but they include interior details that would be needed if you choose transparent shaders. You can change the models as needed, but please use the included labels on the products so that people can tell them apart. Use any background or environment or background image that you want to complete your concept.



Ha… Nice one Jeremy, :applause:
I think that challenge will focus more on the lighting, than the shading and the texturing.
I could use the practice.
But what does the fictional Product do??
emm… maybe that’s not so related to lighting…
Just curious, though :slight_smile:

Nice one, If there’s no time for it… I’ll creat some on my own



MinaRagaie -

You can decide for yourself what it does. Whether it’s soap or medicine or coolant or cleaner or whatever, the important point is that Leet does it better than Brand X. Sometimes an ad shows a demonstration of a product that makes it clear what it’s supposed to do, other times it doesn’t. Some ads are just about showing a better image for the product, what a great new world it opens up, or what a refreshing change it is from the competition.



To open the door :


deleted, posted below


Lazzhar -

That’s great! Congratulations on being first, too, you deserve some kind of a prize for that.



How do you get that effect with the lighting?


Hey Anthony – good work on the models dude.

That’s done with volume lighting / light fog with shadows on. It shouldn’t be too hard – not sure how in maya exactly, but I know it’s really not too complicated.


good one lazzhar… i wonder what the bottle contains… looks like liquid soap though …
good one Jeremy … had to wait a long time … i am already working on it … :slight_smile:


lazzhar : nice idea and good start. It is looking cool.

It is great to have this new challenge. Something on products, kind of like commercial advertisement, that will benefit everyone of us in this forum. I will have mine on this soon.


Ack this is harder than it looked.


Im going to give it’s bounce lights more color. This scene has no GI. Im still in the rough stage. I don’t know what to really do with this scene. Lazzhar pretty much took the Idea.


Hi, I’d like feedback on whether the color choices are effective. Green can look sickly and cold while warmer colors are usually more appealing, but I decided that my LEET (you misspelled "1337’, by the way :D) liquid would be a high tech chemical blue listerine/scope color, and then worked with that. So all the lights are tending to blue and green to make it look good while making the orange and brown BrandX bottle look ugly and sickly green. Is it working?

Shapes weren’t quite working with the refraction I was trying to do, so the bottle, liquid, and “air” surface are all remodeled but almost exactly lined up with the original shape. Hope that’s OK for the challenge.

Lit in Lightwave+FPrime.


railsplitter - That’s off to a good start, it looks clean and classy. The colors look good. The bottom of the Leet bottle cap could get some nice Leet-colored bounce light, and maybe some colored caustics or something could even hit the lower part of the Brand X bottle. The refraction is working for the Leet bottle, althought I don’t see shadows through the refraction, like around the bottom of the image of the rear bottle. For the Brand X, the lower part especially looks like an opaque bottle, then the upper part has a little more of a clear bottle look.

doodlerboy - Good start. Maybe work on your composition a bit in terms of using the frame, you might extend the darker part of the background from just the upper left into more of a gradient through the whole shot, and make sure we can read the brands. The green colored bottlecap on the back one almost looks like it’s glowing on its own. Maybe the front bottle could have the green shadow and the back one could have the darker shadow?



Hello everyone,

Here is my first try… (and my first message I guess)

I ve spent couple of hours in order to get the idea of caustics. Actually, I would like to get much more caustics effects, but I could not find a way for now : )

I ve used a spot light, which only spreads photons and I have an infinite light. I ve used a constant sphere for the final gather.

I d like to get feedback (and help of course) about the caustics, and the “glassy” look of the objects.

Please feel free to comment and ask anything…

Thanks in advance,



Hi there, I am back… :slight_smile:

Great chalenge, great entry’s. Good to see that Jeremy still leads this chalenges, and that all the time he give us a very good advises on renders and lightning. Respect.

Here is my entry…


I’ve got problem with downloading site - didn’t open…


cant download the model …


Hi … nice to have u back Jeremy… :smiley:
heres my try im missing some DoF for the moment also i dont wanted to be neither to bright or dark something in between // feel free to comment :applause:



Hey all.
Lots of very nice entries already.
This is my first time posting in any challenge whatsoever.

Anyway here’s my contribution:

Done using Maya and mentalray.
I guess I may change the liquid colours.
Please feel free to criticize it to death! :thumbsup: