Lighting Challenge #1: Fruit Bowl


No offense intended Ravix, but just read the 1st post in this thread :slight_smile:

“Also, there will be no set time deadline to start with, we will give it a couple of weeks and see what sort of response we get.”



My first attempy. I’ll need to fix some things. I used Maya 6.5. No GI. 9 Lights for fill and soft shadows. One key light, one light to background with mask in Color slot. And three lights to control the speculars in the scene. My big problem are the shaders because i’m not worked before with him in Maya, only with lights.

Sorry for my bad english!:slight_smile:


That’s great! The fabric looks terrific. The shaders and textures are all looking good, really. I think maybe the black line at the bottom of the screen right facric is distracting, it would be better if the fabric could continue visible down through the curve more. This might just need one more fill light there. The tops of the bananas going black, maybe that could be fixed. I know the pear is all one object, but if you could find a way to make its stem look more like a stem that would be good too. Maybe the front of the orange looks a little flat, not so much like an orange there. I’m sure some of what I list are the same things you are working on, but this is really a great first version.



Your scene is looking good, but I think there’s an issue of how much lighting & darkness comes from the shaders&textures vs. how much comes from your lights. Maybe some things are adjusted too dark in the shaders or textures, like the tops of the bananas, and the fruit stems, so the lighting can’t really work on them. With the cherries, it’s a 3 way balance: how much from the lights, how much from the shaders/textures, and how much from the reflections. It looks like they might need more reflection and bounce light, the way they go black right where they are touching the white plate, but really you want to play with all three. These are the situations where rendering in passes really helps explore what you’re looking for, although for a small area like a cherry maybe just a series of re-renders of that region could help nail it.



Hi jeremy,

thanks for your comments.
I´ll work a bit more on this scene, so comments are very welcome.


wow, good mood and nice fabric!! did you use a scanned texture or is it a procedural thing?




Hello guys, I’ve been reading your posts for a while now, I must say you’ve done a good job.

I must say my favourite by far is Lazzhar’s, you’ve done a pretty good job. Keep it up!

Good luck all. :wink:


hi again, here’s my ‘final’ version, with better textures and a slightly different light setup. lightwave 8.5 with worley’s fprime. would be nice to get some feedback…

same scene, same lights, but other perspective, just for fun. (edit: better version!)




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Holle, yours looks excellent but I think it may have too little depth of field. It may be my eyes but it looks to me like no portion of the image is actually in focus.

I’m new here and new to 3d so I have to ask: would it be tacky of me to post an image made with Maya PLE with those annoying watermarks?


heres my second version of the lighting challenge…this time i use 4 lights. used some of the techniques you guys used in your scenes… still used mib-cie_d on the spotlight, then 2 arealights with deflectors. the one 1 spotlight as the rim light (from ACamacho’s technique). this is my first time to do render passes. and compositing them. not much done in composting, just adjusted the blending modes in photoshop.

i’d like to hear from you guys…thanks…

edit here is some of the stuff how i came with the image. i’d like to know if i did it right with passes. also i had trouble with the compositing the shadow pass. that is whay there really is no shadow pass…the occlusion was the shadow. thanks again!


here another update.

Change the grapes, cherrys and small other things.


I did this in maya 6.5 guys.I need your comments to make it better.



raghuramp - work on shadows and occlusion under the fruit, like under the cherry.

holle - I see several people’s work that some things appear to be floating a bit, other things cutting through the plate. I don’t know if this varies with the level of subdivision on the plate, or is just sloppy modeling on my part. You scene is looking good, but that sense of contact between the cherry and the plate may be getting messed up a bit by the fact that some of them are floating?



Hi jeremy,

I work with c4d and have imported the mesh via obj.
The grapes on the left stick in the plate and a piece of
fabric looks though the palte … Maybe an import error by
me or a problem with the im/export …

Will look if the cherrys are floating. Thanks …


Interesting image. When you walk that line between “realishtic” and NPR, it sometimes feels as if it needs a little push in one direction or the other. I wonder how the image would look with some inking lines, like from a toon shader, and a little more processing to make it look like a drawing or collage?



We’ve had quite a variety of materials here, it reminds me of Max Headroom’s bowtie (in case you’ve never seen the show, in order to make Max look more like CG, his suit and bowtie were always made of different materials. It would be a plastic, metal, anything but cloth.) Anyway, another nice one if I didn’t reply a few pages ago.



Looking good. You got the painterly look. If there’s anything I’d look at in another version, it’s be some of the shadows on the top around the stem of the apple, and on the bottom of the orange where it goes black.



This in my first try.
Done in Blender: One main area light, two fill lights and AO. Also used a slight glow.
What do you think?
Thank you


I did this in Cinema using fR-2:

Just noticed I forgot to texture the orange stem. :confused: