Lighting Challenge #1: Fruit Bowl


Great work so far guys, and people arnt using GI much yet, especialy well done!
Some of you might want to sub divide the cloth in the background maybe, sorry about that.
Just sorting a piccy out now for the front page, lets see if we can get some more people involved!



Ok you guys have been plugged.

Hell Ill post a render tonight also.



Effort #2. Changed the set-up: smaller area light for the key, same for the fill, added a negative value for a clone of the fill, removed all fall-offs, left the spec-only as it was. A little fiddling in Photoshop and we have:

(and thx to jeremybirn for critiquing each and every submission. that’s a ton of work!)


Nice work fella.


What is the industry accepted workflow?
Is it Light grey, shader adjustment, then +textures?

Great work and a great challenge thread.

AN idea for the next challenge could be replicate the lighting in this photo. :slight_smile:



thats my entry for this contest… only lighting… tomorrow i’ll make the materials :wink:


I played around with the settings…



where do we actually download the sourcefiles, did I miss something?


read the fist post… it is updated…

Sorry people, for the time being, the challenge is suspended. The original model was from a free source, but we need offical permission from the website to use it. Im gonna remodel those elements as soon as poss, then post it up again, or see if i can sort out permission. Really sorry, will sort things out as soon as poss.



Rats. really wanted to participate.


Hay people. Sorry, think i went abit far with suspending things. Just sorting some stuff out and will have the scene back up very soon. In the meantime, the original un-edited model is freely available over at, so if people want to use that, then that should be fine. For those who have my model, please continue working, just be aware that the bannana, apple and grapes are from Those elements were not that great anyway, so Jeremy has kindly offered to remodel them.

Again, really sorry, will have the main scene up as soon as poss. In the meantime, please enjoy the current entries.



Thanks Jeremy for the comments. Maybe I’ll try shifting the keyLight over more to the left. But also I am gonna play with the colors of the fruit to bring your eye back the the left. Can’t do much till after work though hehe.

Keep up the good work guys!


Would have loved for the orange to be smooth, and able to generate the displacement myself.

After all, whats the point in using prman if you dont do displacement :wink:


My attempt- Rendered in Maya with some Photoshop postwork:


Had to be made from metal.


Selim: great work!
Here is my try done with Blender. Only procedural textures.


Thanks for the crrits Jeremy. I will implement them in the next version.

Nice one Selim, what software?

grzybu, good job. try darkening the shadow under the plate.


Heres my final.
Lightwave. 24 lights. no GI.


24 lights!!!???!!! wow!

I can see on some of the fruits some of the spec-only lights, but 24’s a ton of 'em. Did you have one for every piece of fruit? j/k! Did you have a dome? Great image btw, congrats!


UPDATE: Please see the updated render on the next page :wink:

Original post:

Nice ones everyone :slight_smile:

This one was done in Blender 2.40, internal renderer, using procedural shaders plus vertex colors and ambient occlusion. Two lamps were used (one area light, one omnidirectional lamp).

 ([alternate direct link to image](

Pure render, no post work.



ain’t a party without some glass fruits :]


art work