Lighting Challenge #1: Fruit Bowl


There’s no deadline. But, there will be another challenge started every 2 or 3 weeks. More people will be looking at this thread over the next two weeks than will ever be looking at it again, so if you want your work to be noticed and commented upon, getting something posted in the next two weeks would seem like a good idea.



MooseDog -

Hard to tell much from early tests, but it looks like the final will need more shadows or occlusion added. The test seems to have too much light that lacks shadows or occlusion.



Can’t wait to get started on this, I’m glad you guys have things up and running, I really appreciate your hard work doing this for the community!


Wow azazel really nicely done and it looks very artistic.


Just did test for fun!! i m posting clay render so i can get crits on lighting.


there’s no way to get that fruit bowl for maya 6.0 right? that’s a 7.0 file. i heard about a converter from alias, and one on highend 3d…does anyone know where that is?


Maya 6 should be able to import the .obj file. I think you have to activate an obj import plug-in before you can import it.

If that fails someone could convert the Maya file to .ma for you (you can edit an .ma file to remove the “requires maya 7” line) but please try the .obj.



Hey all!
I just downloaded the obj, works perfect with max 7, the details are amazing! I especially love the smoothness of the cloth :slight_smile: I’ll get to work on this once I get my scanner working.

Also, many thanks to Dan and Jeremy for setting this up.




oh my aren’t i the brightest bulb…thanks!!!


Good start. The shaping of how light wraps around a grape is a little hard to capture, but see what you can do to make the grapes look translucent. Overall the lighting is looking very “sourcy” - as if it were sitting between two lightbulbs. Some of the shadows, like the cherry stem shadow on the left side of the orange (if that’s what that is), just don’t seem to be motivated by anything natural. If you’re going to work on the shaders or textures, do that before you do more lighting, some of the lighting problems like the end of the banana going so bright might just get fixed by a map.



Thanks for crits and suggestions!!:slight_smile: that helps a lot…would work on it.


Heres my first go at it.
Lightwave render. Quick procedural textures. 6 lights total. No GI. Render time about 2 minutes.


Started this morning before work. Blinn shading on everything…but working on shaders soon. 12 spotlights (mostly bounce/Rims). Tear it apart. :slight_smile: *edit: forgot to add the renderer. It’s Maya 7.0 software. Just simple Dmap shadows.


Angel: These rims look really good. Any plans for some colored lights ?

Jason, I like the blueish light from above, works very nice on grapes. I’m not sure if i like the almost central composition, and cropping seems bit too tight.



I plan on adding color to the lights. I’m just waiting till I get started on texturing before I do that.


Thanks azazel. Your right, composition is not so good.

ACamacho, looking nice. I would also like to see it with some color.


Great work so far (everyone)! I’ve never had to render “artsy” scenes like this so I’d like to learn. It would be great if you guys could post some tips on light placement. Or if there are any related links maybe we can take a que from the f/x challenges and create a resource thread that has links to helpful resources. :shrug:

Anyway, I’ll attach my attempt (3dsmax). 4 lights (1 spot and 3 omni’s)…with some color correcting in photoshop (and too much DOF). Thanks in advance for any critiques & tips/tricks.


Otacon -

Great work! That orange looks amazing! Besides the orange, the grapes are well defined, the fabric on the right side is nicely shaped. If you focus on the right side of the frame, your “first go” could be final. Some of the other fruit I’m sure you’ll agree could use another pass, maybe the pear and apple need to reflect something or be given broader highlights that look like a reflection. It seems as if there’s a light adding highlights onto the lower, darker grapes that should be shadowing but isn’t, although that could be a rim light down there, there’s something going on between the pear body and the grapes.



Looking good, nice balance between dark and light. Those highlights on the pear, especially the one at the middle “waistline” area makes the pear look CG. I wonder about the lighting on the backdrop, and the composition - everything keeps leading my eye towards the right side of the frame, and nothing draws me back to the left. Maybe putting some of the highlights and contrast that’s on the right side of the backdrop onto the left side of the backdrop could make some contrast there. And maybe the image needs to be more widescreen or something as well?



My first try to say hello :slight_smile:
Any suggestions are welcome.