Lighting a car, getting weird blue glow - help


Hi, I am trying to light an audi r8 with Final Gather using ramps in Maya 2008. For some reason I keep getting a weird blue glow around the inside areas of my car. Does anyone know how to fix this? It is driving me insane. None of my materials in those areas are emitting any light.


I seem to remember something about activating secondary diffuse bounces because with one bounce it only bounces once and then picks the arbitrary color and uses it, in your case blue.

Try typing miDef* into the command line and it should bring up all the hidden FG options. Set bounces to at least 2, I’m not sure if it’ll work but who knows, worth a try right?


HMM intereting…well i learned something new there. However that didn’t fix it. I tried a new scene and everything renders black with no light sources or illuminating objects…as soon as i import or reference my car scene even with all the background and lights turned off. Maya keeps rendering this weird blue gradient in the environment. I havnt set it anywhere but it keeps putting it in which I think is causing the blue glow possibly.

Any idea where this is coming from? (see attached)


Looks like the mia_physical _sky…


I second that. Open up hypershade and go into the utilities tab. If you see mia_physical_sky I’d say delete it, and see if that fixes it. If there are no nodes in the utility tab, well then I’m pretty stumped…


thx…it was the sunsky, now i can sleep easy tnite.


I had weird rainbow like refelctions coming off some water in 3DS Max, it was fixed by turing on Logarithmic exposure control and activating Process Environment & Background.


If you deleted the physical_sky manually I would say that you have the tonemapper still plugged into the camera lens shader slot. Check the mental ray tab inside the camera attributes. The main issue is that your output gets a gamma correction.


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