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Ladies and Lads

My name is Marcin Dzieniszewski and I’m currently dedicated to a project of mine called “Lighthouse Keeper”.
It is an ambitious short film, drama, set in the nineteen century, telling a story of Polish immigrant who roams the world for many long years trying to settle down. Any time he finds a new place, new job and begins new life, his fate throws him in a new roam starting it over and over again. One day, being already at his seventies, he finds a job as a lighthouse keeper on a remote rocky island somewhere in central America.

… here the story begins.

The film is based on a Polish, over hundred years old, short novel by a Nobel prize laureate, Henryk Sienkiewicz. Despite simplicity of the story it reveals a drama of a man desperately looking for his soul-asylum. Along with the character’s drama the film brings dramatic visual style based on Ivan Aivazovsky’s paintings as well as beautiful cinematography of films such as “The assassination of Jesse James” and “The girl with a pearl earring”.
The running time is estimated to about 30 minutes. The film upon it’s completion will be thrown into festival circuit and possibly cinemas, tv and dvd.

Over the past months I’ve been going through several versions of the script which I now consider finished. I have presented it to a small production company in Warsaw, which have fallen in love with the project right away.

Currently I am working on the first storyboards, concepts and renderings which will be the part of the pitching package and will be submitted to the Polish Film Board, hopefully within next few months, in order to obtain a grant.

Obviously I am doing it all on the side to my day job which does not help speeding up the process. At this point I looking for talented artists who would like to participate in building up the pitch and eventually become a part of production team.

So if you are: a modeller, texture artist, storyboard artist, concept artist, character designer or a mattepainter and you are interested in (not yet paid) collaboration in an ambitious project, please do contact me at marcin dot dzieniszewski at gmail dot com.

Please also visit the very first version of the project’s website at www.lighthousekeeper-film.com



I know a new member doesn’t stand on much ground - and this isn’t some sort of replica account. But I really love the look of this, I can’t see why anyone hasn’t replied…

The website’s beautiful, along with the current primary piece of artwork you got.

Hope you manage to get this off the ground, fingers crossed for you!


P.S. (no relation to my custom title)


I am a 3d artist with proficiency in Maya, Zbrush and photoshop. I would really like to jump on board with your team and start working on the project right away.

Hoping to hear from you.


Spreading yourself kind of thin aren’t you? (I mean with your own short film already underway?)


Hey Marcin, The art work on the site is very impressive.

I’d like to have a conversation about coming aboard the project as a 3D modeller/ Texture Artist (Environment and Character, but mostly Environment). I’ve professional experience as a 3D modeller, working in a UK studio and I’m currently studying Computer Animation at a UK University.

I can be contacted @ Daniel.Wray.Uk [at] Gmail [dot] com



Hi Daniel,

I have managed to sort out most of the stuff just by myself for now. The pitching part is almost done. I will certainly contact you if I need anything later in the production.



Hey i am still a student in computer animation but would love to push myself to work as a 3d artist.


3ds max

Message me on CGSociety if you think I can help you out.

Thank you for your time.



My answer is same as above :slight_smile:
I will keep you in mind if I need anything later.

Thanks very much for your interest tho.




i could offer audio composing and sound design for free, if you need some. if so, contact me via email: info[at]24-7media.de



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