Lightbringer, Jesse van Dijk (2D)


Title: Lightbringer
Name: Jesse van Dijk
Country: Netherlands
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This was a cover I did a while ago for an upcoming german fantasy novel. Altogether around 20 hours.

Cheers for looking!


Beautifully done, Jesse! Great sense of scale and grandeur.


Awesome really awesome!


Impressive colors! I really liked the design of the tower. It looks like John Howe’s Barad-Dur in lord of the rings but in fascinating colors. My only crit is that I wish you made some detail in the city like you did in the tower. but overall great!


Lovely colors and great atmosphere.


wow, I’m your fan Jesse!
I like the way you develope your ideas. Very inspiring!


Amazing image, like the light and mood


Lovely image, smooth but doesn’t have that obvious 3D look, nice colours and lines!


20 hours? wheeew! this is awesome. There is so much to say about this piece. I’m just going to say, superb! Jaja good job. I enjoyed it and thanks a lot for sharing.


congratulations on making an amazing piece of work! I love the concept and the colours are perfect.


That building/tower feels like something from a cross between Lord of the Rings and The Wizard of Oz. It’s very cool, and a beautiful combination of curves, contours, and symmetry. Great color scheme as well (gives a good atmosphere and expression). I actually like the bridge too that leads to it. Keep it up. Nice work.

P.S. Ilucion, I’m going to suggest that you change your font color to white, because that red is very hard to read on this dark grey background. Nothing mean, it’s just hard to read your comments.


I agree.

I also like the way you used the spikes to design the towers.


EEUUH Darktower!! (#15?) :wink:
Doe je toch wel leuk! Lekker scherpe epische meuk!
(zit alleen wel een foutje in het midden van je plaat, bij de stad beneden, waar je nog een stukje orginele foto ziet ;))



it looks great…
great perspective…


Very nice piece! Great sense of scale.


That is so GOOD
You remind me of the movie "The ring of the lord " :buttrock:
It’s a beautiful work here. :bounce:


Jesse man…glad you came back to present us with this magnificent painting. I love the sleekness of your piece.
…now all you need is to learn German.


Love the contrast between high and fancy towers and the slums at the bottom. I’m a sucker for such statements.

Vette illustratie kerel! :smiley:


Very impressive work :applause:


Very nice work. Great atmosphare, colour pallete.

I think it could be better, when the castle would be more detailed - not to much blue light. It is only my opinion :slight_smile: