light streaks


hey jeremy,
i was wondering what the best way to create light trails would be?
(like this example

i figure if it was an animation, i would just open the shutter and have the light move, but if i were to do a single frame shot, how would you do it?

would it be best to just create a curve/polygon and put some sort of incadescent shader on it? or is there some way just to draw a curve and have maya or whatever i was using for rendering to calculate it.
thanks for any advice you can give.


That image link still doesn’t work for me, but you could indeed do light streaks by animating the position of a light (or a brightly shaded sphere) and rendering with motion blur. This would be true for 1 frame render or more. However, I’d probably be just as happy extruding a surface along a curve, so the whole streak was modeled. Then you could give that surface a glow, or transparency, or whatever you wanted to make it look like a streak.



Hey Jeremy, before the end of last semester, you told us about a studio that was opening up in the SF area, but I can’t remember the name.
I think you said it was going to be primarily motion capture based or something like that.
Do you remember what it"s name was?


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