Light linking in 3ds Max.


Hello all. I am currently new to 3ds Max as I am switching from maya. A few quick questions; What is the equivalent in max that enables you to link certain objects to certain lights, so only specified objects are affected by the designated lights. In maya you can do this with the light linking-relationship editor. Second, are you able to do a ‘playblast’ of your animation in max like you can in maya?? Thanks for all the help!!!


Each light has an exclude/include list for setting what models receive the light. Not as nice as Maya’s linker which shows all lights at once, but still functional.

For “playblasting”, go to the Animation/Make Preview menu.

Welcome aboard!


thanks for the info!! that helps out a lot. How do you bring up the include/exclude list for each light? Can’t seem to find it? Thanks again.


In the modify tab for the light there is a button which says Exclude/include, it’s almost on the top of the General Parameters rollout.

There are scripts available on which handle this better especially when using large numbers of lights.


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