Light icon color in viewport


Is there a way to decouple the color of light icons in the viewport from the color parameter of the lights?
I’d like to see all viewport light icons in a specific color (some yellow), not white! (which is the selection color), or other funky color… it’s mistakable and distracting.


Select the light- Basic tab- check Icon Color


Hi! Thanks!
This only defines the color of the light object in the Object Manager, not the Viewport (which makes it not too useful anyway).


Cinema 4D uses a template sheet found in the resources / icons folder of the main Cinema 4D program location you installed the program to. In there you will find an image file called interface_icons.tif. You can edit and modify these icons to look how you want them them to look in Cinema 4D.
For the purpose of what you are trying to achieve, you will need to extract the icons out in your image editing program and save them in the desired colour you wish to use. To use them, you can load the icons you have created from the options available to you from the popup window of the viewport.

So you’ll have something like this.


Obviously I did not make it clear enough what I’m looking for - I’d like to set the color of light sources in the Viewport (the 3d-window), not the User Interface or the Object Manager.

As of now, light source’s viewport color is dependent on it’s color parameter (see screenshot) - this might sound like a good idea, but it has a disadvantage:
When the light source is set to white (or is physically correct and very bright), it will be shown white in the viewport, it can become confusing, because white is the color of the selection.


You are replacing the light’s 3d-representation with an icon? That’s even possible? However, would not look too elegant, especially on spot lights etc.


You can have both the light and the icon on screen and if you align them, have them in the same position if you set the icon to follow the position of the light. So regardless of the colour of light you are using, the icon will help represent an ID ( identification ) to the lights you use.


Allright… very fancy. Too much actually, I’m fine with the light sources shape/icon. I just don’t want to think it’s selected because it’s white. Simple.
So I assume setting viewport color of lights ain’t possible as of now.

Thanks for the replies anyway!!