Light controller for sequences, pinball table stuff?


I have a lot of lights I need to control for a pinball table - I guess I need some kind of clever controller mechanism of I don#t want to animate by hand… any ideas?


ok, not implying I’m clever…but surely the Mult of the light can be controlled by distance to some helper ? So if dist(Helper,Light)<0.1 say…crank up the Mult, else 0.

Can think of MCG…but surely some can maxscript this…

(actually, not sure if MCG can control the light Mult…just a thought)

Prolly scratch the MCG option…no light control…could maybe still hack it by MCG calling maxscript…but it’s still maxscript in the end.


You should be able to do it with MCG and create a MCG controller that is based upon a distance to an object and put it in the Multiplier controller.
I’ll have a look.


Here is an MCG Controller that should be put in the Multiplier of the light.
It measures the between two nodes, I use point helpers as you can see in the video.

You must Copy the light and not instance them. I have the light as a child of the second point helper - unfortunately you can’t child the point to the light as it creates a dependency loop. (1.8 KB)

This can also be done quite easily with a script controller directly in the multiplier.


oh yes. of course, a controller…just a float. Nice.


Thanks guys, this will definitely be useful, although I was thinking more about programming sequences of multiple lights easily - for the “sequences” you see, when they all go in chains etc. l


You could use MCG to read a bitmap which turns a light on/off based on the pixel colour…?


You can sequence with material ID assignment with DCM.
Then may be use as mesh light?