light and concrete


gustavo benites


Nice image, I really like it. Good lighting, and use of GI.

You figure rent wouldn’t be too bad either…I mean, utilities have gotta be included in a place like this.



now… testing light and furniture.

gustavo benites


awesome!!! do you paint the wall texture by yourself??? i like this feel.


Looks cool, a bit eerie and mysterious…

One thing, whats the story behind this room? I figure there has to be one, the ceiling is way to high it makes the furniture look very small… just seems the height of the couch is too short



The concrete is simple map (2048x2048)… But I use 2 layers to compose the material.

Now I’m trying to adjust the floor displacement map … It’s a fight!!!

I like the contrast: walls/light… it’s cold…

C&C’s are welcome…


It’s gonna be hard on the floor displacement. Where you have your camera placed it’s always gonna look weird. If you could sit on the furniture you’d never be able to hold the camera that high. I think that’s why for me the furniture looks too small. But the rendering is beautiful, keep up the great work!


I love this render. I wish I had that rug in my room. Great job.



I’ll post a new image with new light soon.

gustavo benites



I like the color of the floor… but it’s a little big. I’ll reduce the size and make the light a little more dark.

gustavo benites


i liked the orange better :confused:


Lookin good, but the wall in opening where the light comes through looks paper thin… will u fix it?



The wall seems like paper thin because the light is too bright. But I can change it only making that light few bright. But, if I make it, the scene will be dark…

gustavo benites


Ok then fine for now but when the scene is complete I recommend (you dont have to listen to me) that you create some kind of cool Abstract art lamp to add a some more light… I like it the way it is but the wall looks too thin, it takes away from the image IMO


Beautiful light, texture and sense of space. Fine job!



Thanks!!! Now I’m rendering the final image… I’ll post soon.

I’ll be start a new scene with light, concrete and water… Suggestions are welcome.

gustavo benites


it’s finish, I hope you like.

gustavo benites


Nice work!


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