Lift axle wheel rotation


I want to ask You for a help in solving a problem that bothers me and I cant find a simple solution of it. I build a vehicle, a trailer for short and it have 7 axle, 4 solid and 3 lift ad they can be lowered. For those solids I have a relativity plugin add so they rotate automatically with trailer motion. Now a problem! What should I do with lifted wheels? They shouldnt rotate until axles are locked in lower position. Any sugestions how to do it?

Sketchfab link for a different models


Baked the rotation as a mdd file of the tires you want to control.
Disable relativity plugin for said tires.
Mdd loader, load the .mdd file, and offset or keyframe as needed.


maybe MG wheel plugin could help ?



Hi, you can do this by simple multiplying of the Dr.Wheel Rotater by expression of Dr. Channel Picker. In the Dr. Channel Picker choose let’s say Y position of some null, if the null will be at zero Y position the wheels will not be rotated, if it’s will be 1 the wheels will rotate. The only drawback of this approach is what the wheels will rotate from zero to the certain amount of degrees depending on the track motion. I used only one frame and wheels jump from zero to 800 degrees or something, with motion blur render this will looks strange…
Here is the link to small scene with explanation: