Life post CG: any advice for people tranistion oUt ofthe industry?


Let face it CG is a demanding industry, and for some people iti s hard to stay in a industry that changes and demands so much.
Any advice for people transition out of it?



For a second, I read that as “life in post” :slight_smile:


try to find an arena that can still make use of what you’ve learned and your contacts. If not, then focus on something that you can do that will provide an income strategy that doesn’t require trading time for money and has the highest potential to get you paid more than you are worth and not be miserable.


Finally retired , after 17 years plus, very glad I did. The reality is I wanted to live back home in Australia by the beach and the VFX business in Australia is never going to be as good as Vancouver or London for A grade work. So I adapted I now own a carpentry company which gives me great satisfaction and is highly creative , working way less hours and surfing at lunch time ! .



I guess there are two options. Either you buckle up and get your self an education or you go for a more practical type of job (you might still need an education…). Which one that is better is up to each and one to decide. I did the first one, I went for a master in economics. Just done. Where will it lead me? No idea, first off is probably a research assistant position for my supervisor, then I will see. Either a government job or say a bank or large company. Who need an economist these days? Yeah, thought so too… Fucking irony, same screen same desk just a different title… Maybe I should have gone for being a carpenter instead?!
But there is one plus in what I am doing now. I do not have to do micro movements with my mouse arm for 10 hours straight, instead I read, I write , talk with people, do some data analysis. Don’t get me wrong, there are always deadlines, no matter what you choose, but we all know that there are a big difference between DEADLINES! (creative business ones where you deliver 3 months worth of work in two days) and deadlines (you know 3 months ahead what needs to be done and you work normal hours no weekends, and you only need to go into crunch mode the last couple of days). I think I will have more of the latter type of deadlines from now on. And that is a big PLUS.

Anyways, I welcome the day when the AIs and Robots make me totally redundant as a worker and I can go back being a useless ape just as it should be.