Life Paintings - Post Your Best Paintings From Life! 2D TRADITIONAL / DIGITAL



ROFL, I think that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a while! :scream:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Rebecca: Matter of fact, I do like Lucian Freud. I have an art book of his. His nude painting of his adult daughter is kinda unsettling to ponder, although it’s a tastefully done piece of course. I was curious to find out about his blindingly white pigment that he use and was dismayed to find out that it’s a very toxic form of white paint.

Pixelcolada: salamat kabayan:thumbsup: Hey, I’m into gouache too. Looking forward to more of your works. Cheers!


posted in wrong section…oops! :banghead:


Here’s a pastel portrait from my drawing class. It looks so weird when I take a picture of it :frowning:
I had to stop working on it because my ingress pastel paper broke.


Met my first ‘stickman’ in class. This is a nightmare of a model. He kept getting up to go to the bathroom or do that Mike Tyson thingie with his neck. All the girls tried to keep a straight face. Rembrandt soft pastels on Rembrandt pastel paper.



I like this one quite a lot ~ it reminds me a bit of German Expressionist work, of which I am a fan! Check out the work of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner when you get the chance:

[left] [center]

I love particularly their use of blocky color and graphic style ~ it’s not something to imitate, necessarily, but there is a lot to be learned from them! :slight_smile:




already posted this two works in the “life drawings” thread but Rebeccak suggested me to post them in this thread. Sometimes such a huge forum may be a bit confusing:) The first one is made with oil paint and the second one with acrylic.


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