Life Paintings - Post Your Best Paintings From Life! 2D TRADITIONAL / DIGITAL



This thread is for posting your best PAINTINGS FROM LIFE in any medium ~ be it traditional oil, acrylic, or watercolor, or digital Photoshop or Painter.

Please limit size to 600 pixels WIDTH x appropriate pixel LENGTH.

Thanks in advance for your posts! :slight_smile:



*Edit - Whoops, I forgot this was an anatomy forum. I posted still lives…Sorry! :sad:


For those of you in school, don’t forget about this thread, as well! Please post your Life Paintings! :slight_smile:

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hopefully i will have some paintings to provide next month :slight_smile: have just taken on a life drawing workshop at university. i hope it is a good one.


Well I’ll kick it off with last week’s subject.

Edit: Oops, I just realized the thread said ‘painting’. :frowning: This was a life drawing, so I’ll pull it out if you say so :stuck_out_tongue:

Just found the right page for it :smiley:


Just felt like bumping the thread. These aren’t new.

Did this one while sitting in on Kyle/11th Door’s class. Watercolor/gouache.

These two are from when I was in school. Oil on paper.

Each one was 20 minutes with a limited palette.



Oh, sweet hallelujah…finally, some life paintings! Bring them on! I love the Skip Liepke influence in your last piece ~ I don’t love all of his work, but I do love his style. This piece of yours, I think, is quite beautiful.

Thanks for posting these! 'Tis very refreshing to see. :slight_smile:




One more…


Nice work buddy, it is funny to see the one you did at my class and remembering how you did it. That might be another good tutorial.


Thanks Kyle, I think I’ll wait till I get back from Pasadena to do it though. Looking forward to you coming up here and drawing with my crew.


Am I the only one that posts here?

My brushwork

Morgan blended out my brushwork with his finger. Admittedly, I think it looks better here.

The finished piece. I probably should have just left the face alone and worked only on everything else.

The thing I learned from the workshop is that I need to do more with less and use more paint.



This is a fantastic sequence ~ looks like you had a blast at the Workshop!! Thanks for posting these…I’ve really wanted to see more Traditional Life Painting here, but, as you’ve noticed, there is a limited collection, I’m afraid. :slight_smile: Thanks for adding to it! I hope this encourages more people to post…surely they’re out there!

How was Mr. Wiestling? I’d love to attend one of his Workshops ~ does he teach them every year?

Yes, it’s crazy how paintings in their intermediary stages tend to look really cool…it’s so hard to hold on to that, but you’ve ended up with a really nice result here! Have you ever taken a traditional painting further digitally? Photoshop is my saving grace these days when it comes to painting…without a garage or studio space, it’s impossible for me to do oil painting, which on a lot of levels I regret.

Great to see this! I will definitely point Slux your way. I think you have a lot to offer him. :slight_smile:




Weistling was cool and very funny. He critiqued everyone jokingly by telling everyone what their problem was even before anyone had put down any paint. Basically he was saying that we all have the same problems and he’s seen it all before. If it’s not drawing, it’s value, or its color temps etc.

I have worked on traditional paintings digitally, but that’s many because clients want changes. I usually don’t do this for myself. I dunno, I guess it’s a purity thing. Like putting bar-be-que sauce on a caterpillar roll. Separately, they may be fine, but combined they might taste better, but somehow, it just seems wrong.

I’m lucky in that we moved into a house that has a basement for my studio. I can close the door and blow all the fumes out the window with a box fan. When it’s clean I’ll take pictures. But looking at slides of other peoples studios, I’m jealous of those who have north light.

I think I will be switching to Walnut Oil like Morgan. I mainly use Liquin, but with this workshop I’m trying different mediums. Like with McGraw, I used Maroger for the first time. It’s okay, but it dries too fast. In less than a day the paint on the palette is already tacky. It also doesn’t flow as well. I tried Neo-Megilp and I like that better than the Maroger.

I’m going to do some practice pieces to get this Maroger out of the way. Who knows, I might come to like it.

For the most part, it was a good workshop, but I think I’m done with them for now. I need more mileage on my own.

Also Morgan only teaches every 3 years or something like that. I think it takes too much out of him. Margaret Sargent’s class was probably the most informative. It had more to do with business than anything else.



Thanks for the great info! (Though I will have to respectfully disagree with you about the Digital Painting bit). Do you sell or exhibit your work? It’s interesting that Wiestling only teaches every so often…it’s too bad I missed his latest run! :slight_smile:




Bump. These are from last Saturday.

Gouache, 20 mins or so each. Not too thrilled by any of them.


Pixel Colada Pixel Ninja, your stuff rocks! :thumbsup:

Here’s from a night class from years ago, of a pregnant model.



Somehow missed your post ~ good god, gouache??? Isn’t that the medium artists are forced to use in purgatory? :eek: :wink: I respect anyone who can master that medium ~ yeek!!! For me, watercolor + gouache = pain and suffering. The one time I used gouache was to create swatches in Richard Keyes’ color class, and it was enough to drive me to distraction. Eventually they found me in the corner under the table, rapidly rocking to and fro and eating gouache with my hands…it wasn’t pretty! I’ve since had therapy, and stick to the occasional oil pastel. :wise: :scream:

Pinoy McGee,

Nice stuff! I always like to see a solid oil / life painting! Yours is quite nice…do you like Lucian Freud much? One of me favorite painters, 'e is. :slight_smile: Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:




Huy Pinoy,

Nindut(maganda) imong painting, dong! Nice to see someone else posting here as well.


I never had Richard. Someone told me he was intimidating so I ended up having Mary 3 times in a row. In retrospect, I wish I had taken a class with him.

Also, I’ve never been to Purgatory. I’m not much of a skiier. I’ve only skiied once in my life and that was with Dwight Harmon. Do they not sell oils and acrylics in Purgatory?

Gouache rocks. It’s truly a mobile medium. I’m kind of using it right now to deal with my weaknesses in oil as I have similar problem issues regardless of what medium I use.

The thing I like about water based medium, or at least the way I use them, is that I try and let them do what they want to do on the board. I try not to ‘force it.’ The nice thing about oil is that it ‘obeys’. But also the worst thing about oil is that it ‘obeys.’

I look at it like ballroom dancing. As the man, you can lead the woman all over the floor, but sometimes you wind up with a woman who has ‘personality’ as opposed to a woman who just follows your lead. The woman with personality, does what she wants to do within the framework of the man’s lead, but in doing so, she makes the man look good in the process. A smart man leading a woman with personality will tone down his moves so that the contrast will show off the woman more, i.e. it will seem like he is bringing this out of the woman. A man who is a beginning dancer or a control freak might be wigged out by a woman with her own will and try to corral her into doing what he wants as opposed to doing what she feels is ‘natural.’

As a woman, what I’ve been told by my dance partners, is that there’s nothing better than a man who is a great lead. There is an electricity when you dance with someone you’ve never danced with before and if you both have enough dance mileage, that instant trust or ‘connection’ can be better than sex. As a man, when you run into a new woman who trusts your lead, without question, that’s a real confidence builder. In that sense, I try to ‘lead’ the paint, but also I try to let it do what it wants to do for me. I try to let it show off it’s personality. I try to let the really basic stuff slide to the back of my head and I focus on the feeling I get from the model and I try to carry that through in the painting. To me, this is no different than getting a feeling from song and trying to carry that through in a dance with a partner.



You do know I’m kidding about ‘Purgatory’, right? :slight_smile: At any rate, Richard was one of the best teachers I had at ACCD, and I keep in touch with him a bit. His brain is rather larger than average, so generally I just shut up and let him enlighten me. :slight_smile: I guess this is what people think of as ‘intimidating’. I was the same way about that design teacher, Bruce Claypool ~ I never took his class, because I felt utter fear. :slight_smile:

Interesting dance analogy. :wink: I tend to think of painting with traditional media as a fight at which I am almost always trounced by the medium! :scream:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I too was kidding about Purgatory. My people got conquered by the Spanish, so I’m riddled with Catholic guilt.

If that didn’t happen I could eat a hot dog on Good Friday.