Life in her hands, Eddie Mzale (2D)


Title: Life in her hands
Name: Eddie Mzale
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

This is an image of a female cyborge who just bucherd a whole village, , she then bagins to burn the houses and the dead bodies, just as she thought it was time to leave she hears a baby crying from the blazing flames , which catches her attention , which is why she turns around.


this is very cool! Great design colors and character. Gave you a love it much deserved.

One thing that bugs me, it is more visible in the high res, is the inequality in rendering of the elements in the pic. Some elements are more blurry/burned out/rasterized than others and it looks odd. It looks like the pic is deteriorated quality wise in some areas but not in others. I find that deteriorating the quality of a pic can yield great results in term of looks but when it is uneven like here it looks odd and like pieces of pictures put together. You get what I mean? I think it is most visible in the detailed part of the sword versus the other part of the cyborg. Anyways very nice pic


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