Life feeds on life feeds on life…., Leonie Jannien Baauw (2D)


Title: Life feeds on life feeds on life
Name: Leonie Jannien Baauw
Country: Netherlands
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Hi, here a little multiple-choice:
A darkelve vampire is draining a Lammakuma. The man on the background is

A: going to drain the girl
B: going to hug his hungry girlfriend
C: going to kill her
D: going to steal the Lammakuma
own answer
Since it’s just a portrait, I wanted to give it something extra, so that the viewer can make up it’s own story.

I wanted to draw something impulsive, with no reference at all, just to see how far I am. I started with the thought to make a portrait of a vampire darkelf on a stairs with a window (but since vampires are allergic for light;), the painting changed). My inspiration blocked when I started to doubt about the background. Also had some trouble with the light in her face, color choice and the fur. But I failed. So in the end I used a mirror and my rabbit (modeled nice for me).

Tips or suggestions are welcome (also other comments).


WOW you’ve out done yourself this time! Amazing portrait. I’m totally digging the cat like expression, roar! I’m not really sure about all the light etc but I have to say I don’t care either, this picture looks amazing and that’s all that counts to me :smiley: congrats! adds link to favorite paintings

He’s definitely following his nose! Hmm I think he’s like a shark so I go for D.


Your favorite cat



This is a very engaging picture you’ve made. I like it. It may be just me, but the woman’s expression looks like one of anger rather than hunger. Also, maybe bringing in some reflective coloring from the background onto the woman and her boyfriend might harmonize the coloring better. Overall, a very eye catching picture. Nice work!


eh blush thanks favorite cat. You are always sooo…yes… ahum … like you mean it from the heart :wink: Do sharks have good noses? Everytime I try to smell underwater it always goes wrong.

I don’t know either about the lightning, it is always so hard to put an imaginary world into 3-d i your head and turn into a correct 2-d painting. I’m not a camera, maybe I’m going to be one in 80 years… that would be strange he? Okay, this doesn’t make sense.

kopje meow


Hey Anthony,
Thanks, you’ve got a good point there. I will work on it. But it will take time. Hehe, Angry woman? Perhaps, I didn’t saw that before :slight_smile:


Hey is this a portrait of Angelina Jolie? It looks quite a lot like her!


Sharp eye. No it isn’t. I found that too, but it is really made out if my head. But Angelina has a nice face ( big eyes, full lips etc), those are ingredients wich I prefer too draw. ( also I find that the guy has a final fantasy head).


Hiya Leonie!

Another great piece of art. The fact that you used no/little references shows that you are truly talented. Loved the story behind it too :smiley:

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,



Hoi Samer,

Nice to hear something from you :slight_smile: How are you doing?
Lol, I don’t find myself good enough. But thanks for the big compliment.


I’m doing fine, I’ll be posting a new image next week hopefully

You know, finding yourself not good enough is a sign of an artist that already is good, but is and always will be pursuing the best :smiley:


hi dear friend
this is very good.


Hey Leonie,

nice to see you have posted a new piece - and what a piece it is! Colours, composition and the overall artwork is fab. I like the shape of her face and facial expression - her teeth are fantastic. A job well done - nice one.


Excellent work, beautiful job on the hands and facial expression. I have such a struggle doing human portraits I really appreciate when an artist does one so well. Love the furry crittery too ha ha :slight_smile:


mehrdadthe: Dear mehrdad, thank you for the compliment.

Zenr: Hey Patrick. Yes, I’m trying to keep up with your productivity/production, but pfoeeeei, you work to hard :wink:

Ivy00: Hello Fur-queen (sound more that you are very hairy)… Hello Queen of fur! Maybe we should combine our forces. Than we put your fur and eyes on my face and hands and that you get… monkeys? But seriously, thanks alot.


ha ha that sounds like fun :smiley: would love to do something like that


Hey peraiia!
I saw your artwork “light your wisp” got promoted on cg/itsartmag site, congrats!


So Linda I guese thins means we do a cooperation? :wink: We are gonna be so famous with our furry cavepeople.

Syran: Thanks Cor, who would have expected that he?:slight_smile:


hi dear Peraiia. whats up?

did you seand it for me? i found it in my email?

So Linda I guese thins means we do a cooperation? :wink: We are gonna be so famous with our furry cavepeople.


Hey mehrdadthe,

Eh, haha, you can join too in you want :D, but it was indeed for Linda. I think you mean, that all the reply’s that went after you in this thread, you get in your mailbox. That’s very irritating if you reply one of the first on a populair drawing, like from Dianae. Your mailbox is filled that with those comments.

(in mean time I feel very populair with 17 messages, not knowing it is just still from the same people;))



lol YES that sounds like fun, and wee the more the merrier I am sure something very odd would come out of the whole thing :slight_smile: Congrats on your IT’s art promo for your image