Life Drawings - Post Your Life Drawings! From Class or Workshops


Proportions are…sexy? :shrug:

Wait. It’s a trick question.




Gnarly Cranium,

Thank you for posting these! :slight_smile: I like the second one best of the man sleeping ~ I think his restive mood affected you ~ the mood and attitude of the models always affect the artist!

Congratulations on completing your first figure drawing class, and I encourage you to keep at it!



Fall 2005 classes are in session, so you guys and gals have no excuses not to post your LIFE DRAWINGS here!

AOAH and Mike, you know I’m talking to you especially! Get them buns into gear! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to everyone’s class LIFE DRAWINGS! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



heres some stuff from life drawing class



Welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting your work! :slight_smile: I especially like your last Drawing, it looks like a longer pose. Hope to see more of your drawings here as your class progresses! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



wow some stunning work here! Unnfortunatly I don’t have many to show, well any that are worth showing. We should be starting up some more drawing classes soon so hopefully I will have some images to post then.

Nice work everyone thanks so much for sharing! :smiley:


I’m attending a figure drawing workshop, and I did this picture in about 3 hours in Painter. (I have a laptop. Everybody loves staring at my toy in the workshop… weeee…)

The model is a circus performer. She was in costume, probably because she had an awesome costume on. Her hair was crazy wild, and was really, really fun to paint.

Her expression was a little funny. She kept falling asleep while posing. I think the music just lulled her to sleep. It was absolutely adorable.

 Anyhoo, any and all C&C is welcome.

FIX: I recently recalibrated my laptop monitor since other monitors seem to be getting significantly different contrasts. Here’s the originally produced .jpg from the laptop. The contrast of the above image is still not perfect, but it’s better.

PS. The drawings by leftyfallat are amazing. How long did those take? They remind me of drawings I saw in the Tony Ryder book.



ROFL, years and years ago, there was this cartoon by Wiley? I think which showed a bunch of people behind computers holding up pencils to measure a model in front of them ~ the unspoken but implied punchline was ‘Ha! Ha! Like that would ever happen!’ Well…hehe, looks like that’s not such an odd occurence anymore! Lol, I think this was even before laptops were prevalent…:scream:

At any rate, I think this is a really cool little painting, and I would be really interested to see what your future paintings from this workshop will look like.

If you reexamine the face, I think you might find that it looks as though the entire face is on a single plane ~ when in fact, it is comprised of innumerable small facets ~ which can be represented by a shift in value as the face subtly turns away from the viewer, or changes angle. Right now, every highlight/light area on the face is about the same value, or brightness, which is causing the face to flatten out. Try darkening areas which are slanted away from the viewer, or down. This will help significantly to help the face ‘read’. (Also, the eye seems a bit close to the nose ~ generally, the space between the eyes is approximately one eye width). I think there is a much more sense of shape through value in the neck and shoulder area ~ great job there!

Great stuff, look forward to more! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



here’s a couple i did last year, i forget how long they took, probably 10ish minutes or so,



Great to see your work here, and I recognize a bit of James McMullan’s influence in your work, am I right? :slight_smile: I checked out your website, some great stuff there! There is an unmistakable quality of linework which McMullan teaches (I learned from an amazing former student of his) and it’s very nice to see this kind of linework again. :thumbsup: I was not always the best at this approach, so I admire those who can master it. :slight_smile:

Though the proportions on the drawings are not perfect, I don’t mind this as the overall sense of the figures is very much present. There is a wonderful John Singer Sargent sketch quality to the first of these drawings, and just a very nice relaxed but considered approach to the second. Are you taking any classes currently, or have you graduated? Nice to see your work, and hope to see more. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



ah there is no greater compliment to me than to mention sargent or sargent-light even.
i took a class in sva called high focus drawing, i took it for two semesters and sat in for another, i didn’t have mcmullan but he was like the head dude for that class(course?), i had one of his students teach me, robert babboni (awesome teacher great artist). before i took the class i was super anal with correct proportions and whatnot, spending way too much time on these drawings and drawing what amounts to stiff rockmen. the class to introduced to me a different way at looking at things while i’m drawing them and that’s just what i needed. if i know the model will sit for a while i could take my time and render to my hearts content, but this type of fast sketching is equally fun.
i graduated a couple of years ago, i’ll be posting more as long as i can find some drawing sessions with good models and most importantly a comfortable enviroment!



Yep, Sargent is a favorite of mine, a particular sketch of his, soldiers lying in the grasses, or some such, comes to mind. He has a kind of inimitable style in which everything seemed so darn easy. The bastard could really paint. :scream: Definitely a favorite. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if these would interest you, as they are not ‘live’ models, and I don’t know how well the McMullan approach would lend itself to working from photographs, but we have the following Figure Drawing / Painting Workshops going on in which people may use any style or approach to their work:
Open Figure Drawing Workshops with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel
(see the Links to the OFDWs in Post #3)

[left]We are currently on OFDW 004, with a new model in 2 weeks for OFDW 005. Hope you will check it out, and join us if you can. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi all, thought Id post a drawing from week 2 of my first life class in 2 years. I finding it tough going after drawing from photo reference recently. When you add that 3rd dimension drawing becomes a whole new kettle of fish!.. (now there’s a phrase to confuse an international community…) :thumbsup:


LOL guys, I wish I could show you the cubes and cillindres I did today at my art class :P:P:P Ahhhh sooooo far to doing real life figure drawing. Thank got for anatomy forums here - at least some practice :smiley:

You re all goood!



Ah. The real AOAH has revealed himself at last!

Your drawing bring to mind 3 artists:

  1. Manuel Neri (amazing sculptor, one of my favorites) ~ see images below
  2. Alex Kanevsky (link to work here)
  3. Lucian Freud (link to work here)

[left]You might also be interested in the artist Nicolai Fechin (Russian) whose drawings blow me away:



[left]I'd be really interested in seeing your oil paintings, if you have done any. :)

Cheers, :slight_smile:




I’m not sure if this is the ‘real’ AOAH, I dont really have a personnal style as yet.

I haven’t ever really painted the figure before, but I am planning to attempt it at somepoint in my coming classes… I’ll keep you posted.

With regards to the artists mentioned, I am very familiar with Lucian Freud… he’s definately one of my all time favourite figure painters. I was lucky enough to catch his retrospective at Tate Britain a few years ago… superb. I seem to remember it cost me about 12 pounds to get in…:smiley: but I’m glad I paid it as it was some of the best work Ive seen. Hes the master at rendering flesh (although ‘rendering’ is a rather cold way to describe it as his paintings are practically alive) :eek:

Thanks for all the reference RK, thats ACE. I do like the sculptor especially and Im checkin them all out right now :wink:



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WOWWW I just checked out Alex Kanevsky, AMAZING paintings… good call Rebecca :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



You’re totally welcome, and whichever AOAH has arrived, we’re happy to have him aboard :wink: ~
Another artist you might wish to check out is Giacometti ~ less his sculptures than his drawings:

[left]I recently met Sam Chen at SIGGRAPH, who did an award winning animation based on Giacometti’s life (I have only seen bits of the animation, but it’s way cool) which is called ‘Eternal Gaze’. Random tidbit. :slight_smile:

WOWWW I just checked out Alex Kanevsky, AMAZING paintings… good call Rebecca :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Yeah, Kanevsky is like my current favorite figurative painter…I worshipped at the altar of Freud for a long time but after a while, it’s like retinal burn you wear out…tho looking at his work again today I am reminded of his sheer pictorial power…wish he would exhibit here as well!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Yeah I like the expressive nature of giacometti’s drawings, full of energy which i always like… for some reason I always enjoy looking at unfinished, quickly done drawing and painting- It probably reflects the way i work (I dont think I ve ever finished anything… EVER… appart from> I did read Lord of the Rings once…lol )

  • I’m sure Ive seen that middle drawing for real…mmmmmmm… not sure where… tate modern maybe. :thumbsup:


YYEAH Kanevsky rules

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: we love you Kanevsky :bounce: :bounce: