Life Drawings - Post Your Life Drawings! From Class or Workshops



This thread is for posting your BEST 5 PAGES OF DRAWINGS FROM LIFE ~ NO photo reference drawings please!

Please limit the size to 600 pixel WIDTH x appropriate pixel LENGTH.

Thank you! Look forward to your posts! :slight_smile:



well this one is pretty old but I had a good time doing it. 6hr session. This looks to be a very nice sub forum. I’m glad you guys put it together. I’ll post a few more once I scan them in.


Here’s 2 of my life drawings, Those two were done a few weeks back, they were done using an oil based black pencil, Im not really sure which type, Any ways, ill be glad to get some feedback on those two :slight_smile:


Eric UNSL,

Thank you for posting this lovely drawing! I like your linework a lot, and think that the upper portion of the face is particularly well-done.

NOT that this thread is in any way primarily about my opinion (it is about EVERYONE’S contribution), but my two-cent crit would be that angle of the lips is a bit off relative to the angle of the eyes and nose.

Looking forward to seeing more of your posts! :slight_smile:




What are your thoughts on these? :slight_smile:




Thank you for posting your work! I particularly like the first drawing, as I believe it demonstrates a strong understanding of form, particularly around the upper torso.

I think you would greatly benefit from copying ANATOMICAL PLATES from books ~ as this can only strengthen and deepen your understanding of form.

Stay tuned for upcoming LESSON threads, as we will be addressing these topics then.

Thanks for your post! :slight_smile:

Anyone should feel free to offer comments and critique :slight_smile:



Really think I will benefit from this new forum, thanks rebecca! Here’s two i’ve done. Did these after about a year away from doing any life drawing, were both timed for 20 minutes in a class a few months ago.



Thank you for posting these! Ah, I do love backs, as they offer myriad interesting shadow shapes, particularly if there is good light source and the torso is slightly turned.

Continue to draw DAILY if you can! Please post more of your work as you are able.

Thank you! :slight_smile:



Thanks for you commant rebecca :slight_smile:

I have the “Anatomy Drawing School” book by Andras Szunyoghy and Gyorgy Feher, Its a big one :smiley: it has alot of anatomy reference but its all drawings, should I try drawing from books like that ?


Amir P wrote:

Thanks for you commant rebecca :slight_smile:
No problem! You are welcome! :slight_smile:

I have the “Anatomy Drawing School” book by Andras Szunyoghy and Gyorgy Feher, Its a big one :smiley: it has alot of anatomy reference but its all drawings, should I try drawing from books like that ?

Looks like a great book ~ I think you should ABSOLUTELY draw from books like that. The best method for learning how to draw is to draw from LIFE and from Anatomy books AT THE SAME TIME.

Thank you for your posts! :slight_smile:



These are my last life drawings I did while in school. Man I miss those days :slight_smile:


I did this piece for my second life drawing class I took two years ago. It took me…maybe an hour and a half, I can’t recall exactly how long. The medium are pencils and paper. Good ol’pencils and paper. :smiley:

I just used the model in the class. The white part underneath him, which was a cloth on a chair, was a bit hard to get because the light wasn’t hitting it just right, so it may look like that he’s floating or something. I should’ve exaggerated the shading there.


I did these for a drawing class last summer. Can someone help me weed one of these 6 drawings out?

30 min

45 min? (I think :stuck_out_tongue: )

45 min

2 hours? My teacher said this was my weakest drawing:

Probably an hour and a half - I’m thinking of tossing this one out:

The following 2 were actually done on a giant sheet of paper for my final. I couldn’t get a good enough quality picture, so I had to split them up. Originally done in blue color pencil, but that didn’t turn out well:


These are some figure drawings that I did while completing a drawing minor at school. I usually enjoy style of the French Academy. These all started as life drawings however some of them ended up pulling from photograph’s. Hope you enjoy, and critiques are always welcome.


Sorry about that. Just read the original post. The first two ended up using some photo reference, but the last was life. See if I can find some more…Oh yeah and bye the way…I think that this forum is a great idea and I plan to frequent it often.


lefty those are brilliant!!


agreed! :applause: :buttrock:

This thread is making me want to resurrect my rusty pencil of old…
Altho since doing architecture/environments for so long now… dare I say it; that I’m scared witless to do any life drawing at all! :cry:

maybe I will have a dabble in photoshop first, keeping my rubbish off here, and keep an eye on this fantastic thread/sub forum to inspire me to practise!


Appreciate the comments!


These are from last fall term, my first figure drawing class. I don’t have more recent ones photographed yet, and these are better anyway.

18"x24", charcoal, 25 minutes. I’ve always despised charcoal-- this was the first time it actually started to cooperate with me.

18"x24", graphite pencil, 1 hr. Figure drawing in pencil is a nightmare, this is one of the few that actually turned out okay.

18"x24", charcoal, 1hr.

18"x24", charcoal, 1 hr.

18"x24", charcoal, 1 hr. That’s a mirror in front of her, though it doesn’t show up too good.


Hi Rebecca! Dug this one up… How are my proportions? :stuck_out_tongue: