Lich King - W.I.P.


heres a new one, the bones are 1012 triangles. Just started textureing and I am starting the
armor and stuff. I’m giveing this one a 4500 to 5000 triangle limit. It will be the final boss for
my school project. Let me know what you guys think

sorry no concept stuff, I’m just kind of winging it on this one.


Uh oh… another lee salo masterpiece in the making…

Good idea - i like the use of alphas for the ribs, and the shading is pretty good so far.
I dunno what a “lich king” is, but a skeleton for the last boss?? Sounds a bit of an anti climax.
Knowing your past work though, i bet itll end up looking excellent - can you give a description of what itll look like complete? Im curious.


A lich king is like a super powerful undead mage that unnaturally lengthened his life (or undeath) through dark magic. So far, I’d say it’s looking pretty good.


Looks great so far… wicked use of alpha maps Lee :thumbsup:


Uh oh… another lee salo masterpiece in the making…

Ha! My thoughts exactly! I agree, the ribcage is nicely done. The spine is a tad wide in the side view (heres a reference pic) Other then that, I like it so far:thumbsup:. I usually dont think “skeleton” when I think of a lich, but I am insterested in seeing you have in mind. One last think, just curious, what school are you going to?


lookin good :o, keep em comin :slight_smile:

P.s - are you getting based on teh lich king from warcraft III ?


I always saw the Lich as a super zombie. Mummy like though not a mummy. A very old dried out corpse. Not a skeleton, though bones would be exposed. I guess we all have different ideas about what certain monsters should look like though.

I think for a skeleton it is very well done. You show a good understanding of bones and structure.


lookin good so far, i agree as well, excellent use of alpha maps :slight_smile:


here is an update so you can see where i am headed. Thanks for the feed back and support dudes! I’m glad you think its O.K… Dude I am at the College of Interactive arts, C.I.A.
its the only Video Game only school I know of in B.C. Its in Vancouver

Thanks again y’all


Now that looks like a lich! Well it aleast is better than just a normal skeleton. Anyway its looking really cool.


Double posted and can’t delete it sorry.


looking great so far, i would love to see those bones normal mapped :slight_smile:


Looks like the hands could be bulked up a bit so that they aren’t as flat. Even though there are only bones in them… it looks awkward. Not used to gloves for skeletons.


btw a lot of the stuff on that page looks high poly to be game models :S
hows the course …
do they start of with high poly and then teach u poly reduction techniques or something?


could I c the textures 4 the skeleton?


here is a new update, Let me explain. about 3800 triangles ( not really optimised yet ), the dress/skirt or what ever is going to be made of sewn together faces and skin. the armor will be all dark metal with some crazy ass designs and stuff. still lots to do!

jeffo - sorry there wont be any normal mapping going on here

daemonmagus - i think i fixed the size of the hands, can you tell


Oh jesus Lee, you crazy man!

Looks incredible although a bit of assymetry would be cool.

P.S Belt reminds me of the LotR Film’s balrog design…


Really, I thought it looked like that Danzig logo’s deamon head. I see what you mean also though.

I think with all the armor the skull will look out of place and too bare. You should add a crown or something (though you probably have something planned.) He should have somthing on his chest too.


And the dress/skirt is ofcourse held up by black magic?.. hehe just kidding this looks awsome.
But maybe u should add some Straps or sumtin to the skirt or make it tighter just a thought… other that that all i can say is I WANT 2 SEE MORE!!! :wink: keep it up.


wow, that is a great model. i agree with Bigglzee that it needs a little bit of assymetry to it. maybe if one arm had a biggere shoulder armor or somthing. i love the concept.

keep crankin it out man, cant wait to see the final one:thumbsup: