license question


I got my XSI license yesterday, still waiting for the physical copy though…

now to the question will my copy be locked to the computer in any way? Should I activate it now or wait til I get my dedicated 3d computer since I’m planning to upgrade in a few months away.


I forgot to tell you it’s the Foundation version…


Thats what i would like to know. Does it use a dongle(i think thats what its callled) so you can install on multiple machines but need the dongle to operate?


"Hi Martin,

You’ll just have to uninstall it from the “old” computer and then install it on the new computer using the same key.


just got this reply from tech support… for me that means I can go ahead and register my foundation now and don’t have to worry about future reinstalls or anything…


AFAIK foundation no longer uses a dongle since the proce drop, only essentials and advanced need one


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