LF Graphic Artist & Rigger/Animator


Our team is currently looking for 1-2 more experienced developersdepending on their skill sets. Right now we are currently in need of a graphic artist;we have models waiting to be skinned and will have a need for various texturescreated. Within the next couple of weeks we will also need a rigger/animator. Iwould hope your skill sets would extend beyond this, but this area would beyour responsibility.

Consider this a “none paying project” however there ispotential y payment at the end of the tunnel but do not count on it. If thereis a payment it will be tolled out based on what you contributed to it. We area fairly small team and intend to keep it this way however we still have allthe bases covered to complete this project IE all departments staffed minusthese two people without any recruitment.

We have been toying with the idea of this project for about2 years now and conducting research. We did not want to commit to this projectunless we could really see it through, it just so happens we had 80% of theexpertise already in place we just needed to focus it on the same goal. Theonly people on the project are ones that can commit to its completion; we arenot interested in anyone that cannot do the same for consistency sake of thefinal product. I would plan on a 2 year investment.

I do not wish to post anything further specific about ourteam or the project; this is what I can provide to you. We are using the UDK Engineto make a PvP Based Competitive Team MMORPG Game that focuses on team skill andis balanced. This is not a MOBA.

If interested please email me at Osias.Lee@gmail.com, expect to receive MumbleServer Intel for a meeting.

Thank You


I would have went with a font color that was harder to read. It’s a good way to get people interested in your posts.


Sorry been creating accounts and copy / paste from forum to forum. I didnt realize by defualt it would do that. Edited now, update I might have 1 of the spots filled not certain yet still in the feeling out process. I am still interviewing though so you know how to reach me.


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