Level 12, Fathom 10, Sandra Chang-Adair (2D)


Title: Level 12, Fathom 10
Name: Sandra Chang-Adair
Country: USA
Software: Painter, Photoshop

This is another submission for Exotique 4. I thought it would be funny to have a mermaid playing video games under water. Unfortunately her controller is broken, so her friends humor her by pretending to be the game. One annoying fish tells her how to play while the other points to the correct buttons. I thought painting her tail like latex would make her sexy. My husband came up with the title for the painting, being an avid gamer, he was very proud of the name. Looking back at this piece I probably should have painted some air bubbles, maybe some light rays and make her skin tone cooler.


The mermaid and the fish are well painted, but overall the colors are too bright everywhere for an underwater scene. I guess I have a thing about that…

Her pose is interesting and sexy, but doesnt really tell the story that you described. I agree with you about the bubbles.


It’s really well drawn, but it doesn’t look like underwater.

You draw very well.


Hey Sandra, Nice painting you’ve made. I love the story, the fish in the tv and the reflection in the dolphin. At first sight I was thinking “is she a dolphinmade? where are the scales on her tail?”, but it explains a lot if you mean latex :wink: Stupid idea that we always want to see what we are used to see.
Airbubbles would indeed be great to give it an underwater world (but can she breath underwater?), but I think to add some waving/moving hair would be cool too. Like she just layed down with her head, not that she was laying/posing there for houres so her hair had the time to lay still on the ground.


Thanks for all the comments. I think I will cool down the flesh tones and add bubbles. I like the idea of the hair waving in the water. She looks like she’s just lying down on land. I was trying to finish this in time for the Exotique deadline, but I think I will do more work on it.


I am little a bit relived to see that some one as talented as you are! had troubles for under water render like me! I must say I love all your details all the elements are there its a minor twig here and there of details, like the wise fellow artist mentioned! and I think will help so much to see all the idea with out any issues, never the less you work it’s stunning!:thumbsup:


Very nice work! The colours work well together. shes very pretty. Yup, i would agree about the bubbles. adding random particles about would also help, but other than that, Its really cool =)


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