Level 10, Toni Bratincevic (3D)


Amazing work, amazing story!! so many detail and the style is really unique! Congrats


pretty awesome!


Very nostalgic.

Great work!


Great work Toni! Amazing detail and texturing!


Superb render! Bravo :wink:


WOW!!! Amazing work :thumbsup:


Awesome! Very nice.

I have a new BG image for work :slight_smile:


my favorite challenge entry
great job


Looks great! Awesome :buttrock:


woww :slight_smile: i really like this :slight_smile: really really nice!


lildragon … thanks Tito for the plug, I really like your characters in portfolio!

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AIR … hey Damir, thanks man I really appreciate it! Hope you are doing well!
GVChristian0 … hey Gary, tnx man!
Weihalter … thanks man, but there are other images that deserves award even more. I had fun creating this piece, that’s all that matters. :slight_smile:
collings … hey Nick, thanks man… hope everything is well at Blur!
benhartnett … you are correct, face does look a little bit ceramic. But I am not character modeler and this is probably the first piece that I did with big character. But I learn on my mistakes so next time I will try more! :slight_smile: Thanks!
Helioss … hey Mike… Booom! :slight_smile: Working on something new at home?


Super work. :thumbsup:


Great work, so many details and lighting is very nice :slight_smile:


Very Nice! Love the overall mood and detail. Congratz beautifull image


Nice camera angle. Love the lighting and the textures.


Amazing !!!


Congrats!Cool mood and light!


On word - Amazing… You should win


Your images are always so well done. The balance between light and shadow that always directs the viewers eyes and evokes emotion is just beautiful. On top of perfect materials and textures. Your professional and personal work is always such a inspiration to me! Fantastic job as usual!

I read the story, but I was wondering a bit about the idea behind the image. (I know your images are always so well thought out so i know it has one) The falling “tetris” pieces that are coming down the image, is it suppose to be relative to what hes playing on the screen, i see they line up with whats on the screen and the next piece playing, but i also see that pieces are being fed on the top of the screen. What is the thought behind it, is any? Maybe I’m just reading to far into it from studying every pixel of the captivating image!

Either way fantastic work!


Incredible! So much detail. Great work. :slight_smile: