Lets talk the next mini challenge


Hey guys,
I am VERY proud of the entries we have been getting for the current challege.
And to keep the memntum we got going I want to start discussing early the topic of the next challenge.

Ok I am leaning to do:
[li]Another 30 day 30 models[/li][li]Animals in Motion[/li][/ul]Or do a JOINT challenge with the FXWars folks.
What do you guys think?


model our work stations?:deal:


Well, because of my time constraints (job hunting is all-consuming most days), I don’t see myself being able to do a 30 models in 30 days challenge, though I like the concept. I personally like the idea of animals in motion the best.


if I can manage to get any time it will be for the animales in motion one.

I have a hard time with 1 model in 30 days : (


I’ll cast my vote for animals in motion. I saw this discussed in another thread and thought it was a very cool idea, and something that hasn’t been done in a while (if ever?) in a challenge.


I too would have a tough time modeling 30 things in 30 days, as my thread shows, I’m having a tough time doing 1 character in more than 30 days. Animals in motion would be prefferred, but a thought came to mind to do somthing “transformers” since the movie is coming out AND I’m sure theres a lot of fans, plus it leaves it open to do many interpretations -cartoon, comic, toys or one of the movies.
Or this thought just occurred to me, I love those stikfas action figures (Stikfas Website) I think it would be fun to model a few and a dioramam scene modeled in the spirit of the stikfas design and then place them in a scene from a movie and people could judge how well they captured the lighting, layout and spirit of the film. Well, just a thought.


mmm animals in motion sounds ok. But can they be cybernetic or robotic? as I can’t organic model to save my life!


a robotic wolf in motion sounds :cool:

I’m the same way but in reverse. I can’t seem to model things that aren’t organic : (

This challenge was great because both ways were allowable and some tried a little bit of each combined if they had time…


Given that A) I’ve never participated in any of these challenges, B) I’m a pretty new member to the forums, but have been a lurker for quite some time, and C) I’m purely a beginner modeler and probably wouldn’t even attempt the challenge regardless of the category, you may feel free to not really hold my opinion in high regard :stuck_out_tongue:

But in any event, I’d say steer clear of having a theme based on a specific series/universe (somebody mentioned Transformers), since that’s what this current challenge is. It seems like having a broader theme would result in a much more freely creative outcome.

And while personally I like the 30 models in 30 days challenge (like watching, that is), I can understand people’s dilemmas with it. I know it would be FAR too much for me. And I also do like Animals In Motion, but maybe give it the caveat that it doesn’t HAVE to be an organic being (meaning, a robotic animal could be acceptable).

Either way, I will be looking forward to seeing the models as they get churned out :slight_smile:


Alright, here it goes…

30 models in 30 days: I think the challenge would receive more attention if it were to create a “scene” with 30 models and it were more regulated. For example, create an interior with 30 required models that would vary the range of difficulty to complete the challenge in 30 days. This I would find more plausable than just 30 random models in 30 hectic days because it seems to be more goal oriented. It wouldn’t have to be an interior, but it was just the first thing that popped into my head. This would work best if it was a non-textured, presentation only lit scene.

Animals in Motion: This challenge idea has already received thunderous applause. The idea is great and there would be some totally awesome entries. Harkening back to the textured -vs- non-textured, it should deffinetley be clay rendered for the very purpose of the challenge. In regards to the comments made earlier about organic -vs- inorganic, there could be some very, very interesting outcomes from this. There would be detailed entries from both sides and it would seriously widen the award reception and also trigger some newcomers to the forum. I can see how some people are challenged in certain areas from organic modeling to inorganic modeling, but don’t I think it should be the basis for taking on the idea. Just to appease to others inabilities shouldn’t be the reason for allowing inorganic entries. So I personally would challenge those that can’t model organic models to try it anyway, because it is a very, very excellent skill to learn. Again, it is a smart idea to take it on and there would be some awesome creative entries.

Joint Challenge: FXWars has grown a lot from what I have seen. There have been some wicked cool entries from this challenge. By going this route, there could be some little short films on our hands! I’m totally for this idea and think it would be a great challenge for widening the spectrum of the community.

Animals in motion is what was highly discussed last time and I think we should follow through with it and possibly do the Joint Challenge for the next round.

-The End-


Or do a JOINT challenge with the FXWars folks.
What do you guys think?

What kinda Joint Challenge is this going to be?

Is it a collaboration challenge or is it a challenge with both the FX pple and the hardcore modellers work towards a short animation?


Animals… There’s no way I’ll have the free time in the next month to do 30 models. I’m having a hard enough time right now with finding time for the current challenge.


Ok lets start with the topic…


The idea would be to generate assets so the modellers in FX wars can cherry pick what they want.



Atlantis could be cool, lots of underwater wreckage, although it’s already been done in a Matte Painting challenge recently.


Yep, but that is another part of the forum ( :slight_smile: )



Atlantis would be nice…:slight_smile:


Or how about the inverse… Instead of a sunken city (since it’s already been done at least in some fashion in the community), a floating continent/city. Laputa :o People could come up with overall designs for how the continent floats (by huge balloons, huge propellers, huge wings, or some kind of magical device), then model buildings, ruins, inhabitants, etc. Just an idea :slight_smile:


I like your idea…

The concept I had is more of a conflict between the modern miliarty against Atlantis.
that way the mode list would be things ike:
[li]Los Angeles Attack Sub[/li][li]US Coast Guard Cutter[/li][li]Research Vesser[/li][li]Reseach min sub[/li][li]Seahawk Helo[/li][/ul]The thing is that the challenge would have an INSANE dateline of one month.


Personally I reckon we should stick with the animals in motion topic. It already has had a positive reaction and is guarenteed to be hardcore. Atlantis is a nice idea but I could see it flopping and getting few entries… I personally was really looking forward to the animals challenge.


Whether or not the next challenge is the animals in motion or not, it gave me a good idea for a model that I will continue with next anyway. I was hoping I could time it with the challenge, but if not, that’s fine. I’m just ready to start on it now and don’t want to wait for it to become the challenge.