lets guess;-)


Don’t forget that internaly all n-gons are made off quads and tris. None of the common 3D packages can do without them. Of course the n-gon gets retriangulated internaly every time it is changed and most apps do not show this triangulation. N-gons that are not made of tris and quads afaik exist only as mathmatical curiosities since they are not practical to work with. Personaly i would like to be able to switch between using n-gons and not. Having a knife tool create n-gons when working on a character is pretty often unwanted, since deformed (nonplanar) n-gons are a real shading mess.


With the ngons tho,the cleanup is generally MUCH easier.
Using the knife tool in C4D on anything but a complete edge ring generally makes a huge mess,
with ugly poles all over the place. Just a real mess.
Then you need to start deleting faces and rebuild them…
Meh,now I just remembered why I model in Wings :slight_smile:


no one here is saying they’d seriously quit using c4d if they don’t add ngons, turn your brain on before you speak.


well… whatever you guys have planned for siggraph I’m sure it’ll be worth having :slight_smile:


I always thought Maxon would aquire Kaydara…:sad: I hoped that we can say RIP to Mocca and say hello to MotionBuilder. And I hate any good news about Maya:D . That program is a dead-end street to the 3D world, IMO.
Let’s pray for some really huge announcements about C4D!


The render hit for 5 characters using TP with metaballs, transparency and caustics for the beer sim brought their machine to a halt, the file crashed, which unfortunately was not backed up. I’m sorry to report the NLA is no more. Would have all been different had they owned Realflow.


Absolutely agree.



whoops–I see theres a bit of angst here in this thread. My post above was just a joke. I should offer a disclaimer b4 its taken the wrong way. C4D rules as far as I’m concerned. Based purely on what I do, I can’t think of a missing feature.


who in this thread has seriously said they would leave c4d if maxon don’t add ngons? :shrug:

on another note if I don’t seen ngons in R9 I’m quitting c4d

the previous comment was a joke


Since there is a new MotionBuilder version it is possible that Maxon has up-graded its integration with C4D.
And when was BodyPaint 2 released?


Yes please! Finally us mere mortals will have a chance to get our stuff in the C4D hall of fame, now that Squidie & Sons leave C4D :wink:

(and yes Mike, you know it’s a joke)


But in case you missed it, Alias has acquired Kaydara. Not sure how that will affect the Maxon/Kaydara relationship, but my guess is that it won’t facilitate better integration.

BP2 was released about a year ago–or thereabouts.



form Z offers real ngons, they are very important for clean architectural models.


ps.: but i will also be happy if cinema just hides the tris and is able to to real rounding etc.
i am looking forward for tomorrow to see nice things:-)))))


yeah bud i hope your right…otherwise maxon need to have a serious think i would say.
its definitely exciting times though…


Got any more info on this? I wasn’t able to find infos on n-gons on their website.


i was also joking i would not leave cinema

for god sake i paid for the damn program!!

I would love to ngons because they would come in some use.Im sure they will
have something cool up there sleeves.Why do people boost maya so much i have and have not done a thing in it the learning curve is crazy


I think VW has them as well. But then again, VW has a NURBS kernel in its basement. The tricks the NNA development sometimes pulls are hard to follow.



Thank you!!!


Hi Bart,
n-gons will work fine for a NURBS modeller of course, since they basicaly aren’t polygons :wink:



n-gons would be a interesting addition, although in combination with Mesh Surgery C4D already has very capable modelling tools IMO, personally I’d expect to see other improvements in the modules first, but are basically just happy to wait and see. :slight_smile: