lets guess;-)


Will be announced at siggraph–wont start shipping till November–wont get mine till January. Thats what happened for me with 8 at least.

If anyone remembers, Maxon had a special early bird disk for those who owned 7 and pre-ordered 8–so many got the fully functional beta version without docs. Maybe they will do that again?


Oooohh… special announcement already made I’ve heard - a brief summary: Maxon has decided to make Cinema 4D open source and to be turned over to a group of guys who usually code desktop enhancements for various flavours of Linux… The first official release of the new (due out in december) will be Cinema 4D R


Cornel, damn, this new downgrade looks really great, especially Stupid Particles. What about other modules? :smiley: :slight_smile:
Well anyway, whatever it is what Maxon is about to announce, I CAN’T WAIT! :drool:



One important question:
Is it real, that Siggraph has open since 2 hours ???


cornel: Thanks, i needed that :thumbsup:
As for siggraph, afaik the main show opens up on tuesday, so be prepared for what ever the marketing guys were able to blow up to look like “exciting announcements” :twisted:



The reply of cornel is the best! incredible, unbelivable! Surrealism! :slight_smile:


Ahem!.. yes I do… :rolleyes:


Maybe we’ll get that “create amazing model” function that i keep hearing about, god only knows i could do with one just lately. :stuck_out_tongue:


OK–so if its NOT R9, then we’re sure to get that monkey.


And now, Alias bought Kaydara first.



You see that? And I told Maxon to buy Kaydara six months ago, but does anybody listen to me?? Noooooooo!

Ah well, I can’t say this is encouraging news for non-Maya MB owners, but time will tell.


All part of a bigger scheme. First Maxon introduced support for MB (FBX), next they will have support for Maya Binary in Cinema 4D. Cinema 4D will become the most popular render engine for Maya. After that, Maxon will acquire Wings, Nendo and Silo so they don’t have to worry about modeling anymore. And blahblahblah :wink:



I noticed when a big 3D company ‘announces’ something it means usually the forthcomming version of their software, not just a .1,2,3… update.

This way I think on tuesday we’ll see Cinema 4D r. 9.0.

I think it’ll have a fantastic stormtracer like env shader system, this is the only point I’m sure with v 9.0


ngons or else holds gun to the head of small fluffy animal possibly the monkey


You don’t need ngons, mike. They’r SOOO out of style. Maxon invented the 4Dgon - next step in the 3D evolution.


That reminds me of something. Any news on the NLA or are they retired?



currently at war with the triangle monsters of maxonia, THE EVIL MUST BE STOPPED
other than that it’s been pretty quiet


The maxonian army has pulled back deep into the mountains of Quadronia. They are waiting for dawn to strike back when the NLA will have the sun in their eyes… Don’t miss the live photage from CNN later today.


Naah, those guys are biased as hell! They use C4D to fake their live reports, did you know that?



My i offer a peace conference? I think some beer will help us to come to a solution that fits both sides. :beer:

How about a virtual meeting tomorrow, here? I’m pretty sure we will come to a satisfying solution :slight_smile: