Let+the+havens+burn, Karolina Wegrzyn (2d)


Title: Let+the+havens+burn

Name: Karolina Wegrzyn

Updated March 2010. [Preview looks blurred, please zoom in.]

Maedhros son of Fëanor arriving at the havens of Sirion:

“Now when first the tidings came to Maedhros that Elwing yet lived, and dwelt in possession of the Silmaril by the mouths of Sirion, he repenting of the deeds in Doriath withheld his hand. But in time the knowledge of their oath unfulfilled returned to torment him and his brothers, and gathering from their wandering hunting-paths they sent messages to the Havens of friendship and yet of stern demand. Then Elwing and the people of Sirion would not yield the jewel which Beren had won and Lúthien had worn, and for which Dior the fair was slain; and least of all while Eärendil their lord was on the sea, for it seemed to them that in the Silmaril lay the healing and the blessing that had come upon their houses and their ships. And so there came to pass the last and cruellest of the slayings of Elf by Elf; and that was the third of the great wrongs achieved by the accursed oath.”

  • J. R. R. Tolkien: The Silmarillion, Chapter 24 “Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath”

Painted in Painter, with final corrections done in Photoshop. Started for PB event in May, final touch ups done way too many times.


Pretty cool one Karolina, you’ve improved a lot!
Great lighting, I love it! I think that making the fire a bit sharper in some places would make it look more realistic, excellent work anyway!


Good work. Beautiful image and color. I like how you have been the hair.


Dianae, thank you so much. It’s nice to hear it form the person who I always look up for inspiration and technique :slight_smile:
I was thinking to sharpen the fire a bit but the same time I was told to leave it less detailed and darken a bit for I was loosing the focus on the main character. People had contrary advices. Finally time decided to darken it only.

EduardoLedesma, tank you. Hair are one of my favorite things to paint :slight_smile:


I really like this painting - the best of the ones in your portfolio. It has a simple and yet striking design, and the main character is rendered very nicely. The whole thing has a great ominous feel to it.

I agree that keeping the fire less detailed is probably the way to go - it might look nice with sharper detail, but that would probably end up taking away from the focus on the character.


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