Les cités suspendues


Here is my participation, it is about a try of matte painting, mixing photo and digital painting. The title means " suspended cities ". I wanted to create imaginary cities on a desert world where gets involved technology that represents enormous citieshung on on rocks and archaic world represented by the man and his horse.


thats awesome!
very good:thumbsup:


i think u have grt chance of winning this!
my vote for u!


beaautiful composition and atmosphere…Yea definately top 3 at this stage…my only complaint is that the city seems not to align to any vanishing point so comes a cross as a flat plane…however the concept speaks so strongly that i don’t it matters that much…

very good work :smiley:



Wow, this is a great concept! I think this is one of my favorites in the competition so far. What was the photo and what did you actually paint? I’m just curious. Thanks for posting.



Very nice one! I like it very much and it has great focus and composition.


Very nice :applause:


Many thank for your nice comments


I agree that the perspective is a bit off in places but it’s still a really nice image. It reminds me a lot of those late 70’s sci-fi artists, it wouldn’t look out of place on a sci-fi novel.


The scene has a lot going on but it makes you take the time to study it. Nice


Nice image! What makes this image interesting isn’t the complexity and detail, but composition and colors.I love the color scheme! Superbe! Very, very nice color harmony! Vue, isn’t it? If it’s vue, you really understand it pretty well, because i work on it for 5 months and i still hit with the fist the keyboard from time to time, especially when it comes to spectral athmospheres… :eek:


Thanks for all your nice comments

Thank for your comment
No, I did not use vue, only once, it is photography retouched mixed with digital painting the atmosphere is returned by digital painting and a lot of patience




Awesome image. Very relaxing and stable feel about it. Really nice.

My one point of feedback would be the blacklevels in the closest city (on the right side of the city only) are a bit too dark. It mucks with the distance cueing.



Thank for your nices comments


Thank for your comments guys


nice dude … but your idea about global warming, almost is equal with my idea ( will be post soon ), but elementary concept is very different… good luck for you.

NB: sorry my english is bad


It’s not a probleme… same idea but other composition it’s fun good luck at you and i’m wait your post:)


I think its one of your best…

Check mine and let me know about them…

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