Leonardo Despuci, Catharina Harders (3D)


Title: Leonardo Despuci
Name: Catharina Harders
Country: Netherlands
Software: Deep Paint, HDR Shop, Photoshop, Poser, ZBrush

Original project from 3 years ago, Image was featured in the 3D world Magazine for article “TIME”. The tools I used you see above. I like to share with you this work because he have really character especially his eyes, I am not happy with his nose at all but project was done and everyone was happy about, today I will do this different way for sure. Who was Leonardo Despuci? he was an Italian sculptor, he made some figures for Vatican from sand stones… he was excellent but not really knowing artist and very poor working in God name …but was also my grand grand father. Creating this without references was not simple, but the most freaky idea about is that I used my own eyes to create textures for his eyes and give this creation a little bit DNA.
Thank you for viewing and comments
>> Hi resolution image <<

>> Hi resolution image <<


amazing! :smiley:
Do you have Wires?


Thanks ! :wink:

yes I have the wire but first tomorrow when I connect my old computer back to the system.

I created it 3 years ago and all model-scene-textures are on my old computer.
bellow one more render done using this character, the old effect was done using Photoshop


are you rendering with SSS?


not in above renders…


You have some serious skill. I cant imagine how you go about producing work like that. Do you have any advice for someone who is trying to become a good texture artist? What books to look for, what tutorials to check out, etc (Speaking from 3D standpoint of texturing 3D Models and a 2D standpoint of color/texturing in Photoshop)


Why is there such a difference in quality between the first render and the second? The first one looks like slightly overlit (or badly adjusted in post) render while the second one is far superior. There are also edges visible in the first render, as if you cropped a picture from somewhere and then painted black all around the edges - you hiding something? There are also some noticeable differences in the “model”, especially around the eyes, cheeks and mouth.

Personally I think there is some trickery involved here. I remember a thread a few years ago when you posted a picture of some guy that turned out to be a Poser model with a bunch of photos as textures that you claimed you’d painted yourself using some “special technique”.

I’ll take this work with a pinch of salt.


Oh!! my~~
Is that a photograph~?:eek:
It looks so real~!

Great model , texture , render~:bounce:


it is really hard to give you any advice, I started with my painting lessons 30 years ago when I was 5 years old, it sounds funny but I loved it as anything else and so until now I paint almost every day for hours and especially the last 7 years. The big step was for me to go and use pen table in place of a brush I followed and still follow the work and tutorials of Steven Stahlberg.
The rest was my eyes and taste. Important is that you have your own style, tutorials and books by [color=yellowgreen]DOSCH DESIGN [/color]can help you as well from what I saw. I mean that you can learn the base from, the rest will come from self if you have a good eye for the colors… I learn as everyone else new tricks from the Internet, there is not a standard in, every texture is very unique and personal. Sometimes I use photo references to pic the right color or just see how the freckles works… it is good idea to do sometimes my client request photo textures based only on photos… I discovered that using a photo based textures as bump maps is more effective as painted one, used together with a painted diffuse color and specular + displacement can be make a wonder for your low or high resolution character.
se the render bellow it was painted diffuse map and photo bump map and specular…:slight_smile:
To be an texture artist you have to love it, there are more categories, one for games other for characters… I love doing characters and hate to texturing buildings… :slight_smile:
I use DeepPaint3D for texturing 3D Models and also DepPaint (2D) for years for me is the best and how you feel about you have to check out the software and see if this is something for you or not. For good texturing you need excellent UV’s so you need to learn it too because you will need it… I use DeepUV for Uv’s. here little example from Dp3D … the close looks are bump and specular maps based on photo, and with painted diffuse color maps.
The little girl is a photo textures model, after this the textures are reworkedand the color is diffused to remove hihglight.

Milkman Dan :

First …everyone lough from me when I said that was poser render ( poser render and not poser model that make diference and you tell here not the truth) … I was going off from this forum because of hackers like this and it was fear away from what it promise to be, I don’t come here to prove you if I can do my work or not.
Edges are visible maybe if you scale up the brightness to see what is hidden… I put this on a biger plane to let see this better, check 3D World Magazine if you wish more info… I closed this project 3 years ago.

I feel your comments are unright and fear away for what the galleries are created for.
I will not give you my attention if you start talking to me this way my dear friend, a little more respect for other work will be not wrong.


milkman dan, k. first of all, take a closer look. different angle, glasses (added distortion) its the same model dude. dont get all defensive and stuff lol.

and lets see, photo compositing IS texture paintign in a special method.

i have an entire library of photos that i’l taken with different skin features… when i paint models, i sometimes combine these into them to help with bump maps.

anyways, glad that ur looking into details and not just surface work like many other viewers here.




Ray, you are right, as I said before… photo are excellent and used today by everyone as a base for bump maps and color maps… the one problem with photos is that photos have reflections and making textures with highlight is wrong… a photo reference is excellent for pic the colors for the skin tones or create the tiled textures…

Painted only textures was used because was it not expensive before to do, today with digital camera revolution everyone use photo references for work with.

to maketextures as the above I spend more that one month of work and somethimes it hurt if I read a comments from people that have not idea what time and work cost to create this.



Hello Cath Im here again to comment your work :slight_smile:

For the 1st render i gotta agree with you, the lower part of the face is weaker than the eyes, that are totally kick ass :thumbsup:

2nd is Wow… at first i scrolled down quiclky and that you posted a photo of Despuci from where you made your render. It’s an awesome job :slight_smile:


Unfortunatelly Despuci have not enough money to ask Leonardo da Vinci to make a portrait of him so I can use it for the render… they have not digital cameras :slight_smile: lol and the textures was painted…


Three years ago or today, one does not see this quality often. No matter the method, the result is what matters. Beautiful work!


Mark and Sephiros9883, thank you, I am not going to change my technique and lose my work any way, how long my customes are happy with my work so long I am going to do this… and the result is what matters…


Good for you! Rather than succumbing to the insistance and pressures of the mainstream, keep on growing as you have and you will find it worthy. You have already well proved it.


Your grand grand father…My respects to an artist that gived u an artist’s DNA…
Hei…The image with the basket look like a photo… I must read the word"render"for understand that it’s not real… It’s better than the first dark render. U work great with character I looked…
I wanna arrive to this real results…:sad:


Thank you Francesco, the second was not really that nice in color, it was fresh and sunny like the render was made in summer…I try to play with the render after I saw your coffee render and I got with this result as above… I don’t created any coffee but put some on the :paper: to look more old…
I will never think that it looks like a real photo, you all kidding here for sure telling me it is like a photo… yes?


No Cath! Now you are wrong… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
The image look real. It haven’t a photographic quality, I say, the quality of a perfect photo, It look more like an old photo overexposed and dusty, but a photo! Uh?
It’s a priviledge to had give(is it english?sorry…) a minimum of ispiration. You don’t know how much ispiration I had from you.


That is nice to hear about Francesco, I am very happy that my work give you any inspirations for that we all are here, to inspire us from our work, share ideas and anything that can make our work better… I am for that 100%