Lens distortion, Physical Renderer?


Hey guys, hope you’re okay
I started a little research about lens distortion, couldn’t find any working solution for simulating it in the C4D Physical renderer

the weird thing is, there’s a lens distortion option in the render settings menu, but only take files with extension “.lns” I couldn’t find any, or even create my own…

aand, there’s also a setting about lens distortion in the Camera settings! (quadratic & cubic) … but … not working at all

if there’s any simple solution, please let me know

I hope the developers of R20 consider these stuff If they want more integration with film industry, without the need to another render engine


To create a lens distortion profile you go to tool/Lens distortion. Once you’re done you can save and reuse the .lns files.

To apply a lens distortion profile, you go to render settings, open the effect button and add a lens distortion effect. there you can plug your .lns file.

You can also use the lens distortion profile to undistort images thanks to the Lens distorsion channel shader.

Edit : Quadratic and cubic distortions work as intended in R19 too, but don’t mix it with the lens distortion post-effect, as the post effect takes over.


They’re not broken for me -

have you gone through a tutorial?


@ kaptain Kubrick : My bad, It does also work in R19… That is, if you don’t forget to REMOVE the lens distortion post-effect first, otherwise the effect takes over the camera setting.


What specifically do you need? To match an existing lens or just to have lens distortion?

Have you looked into my plugin DeGamma? It has a very powerful lens distortion tool that even gives you realtime lens distortion directly in the viewport : https://thirdpartyplugins.com/products/degamma/