L'enfant De La Prophetie, Aleksi Briclot (2D)



Great color, and great atmosphere…

would’ve liked some cropped detail-pictures, though…


absolutely incredible work! i would love to ask you how long you worked on it., bravo!


Very moody!

I love it!


Toujours aussi vivant, avec cette ambiance unique !

This is your greatest work Aleksi !
5 stars


Great work:thumbsup:
The man on the foreground is just cool…


I’m glad to hear that JV Jones’s books are finally translated into French, I really loved them. I’ll be able to recommend them to my friends who don’t read English now.
The more so, if the covers are as stunning as this!


Beautiful piece of work. Very well composed. The sky could have been darker though. keep up the good work!!!:thumbsup:


Good job! I like it…


Pretty incredible…


Cold moon, dark sky, bald trees, shadows, frightening flame, wizard in black, owl, black castle, handsome boy, and 'course, cute girl. What will think about the picture and the story. They must be very inviting. It made me assossiat with Diable or someting like that.

I’m sparing no efforts to persue your work and the industry.:scream:


nie title,nice job,great story,love the color palette…the mood…cheers


WOW…you make me wanna read that book :thumbsup:


great one.great mood and palette :slight_smile:



I know you are a great master, at least for me …
I see the overall lights are kind of uniform distributed, there is not a clear ‘light spot’, why you choose to make it this way?

Thank you, and once more CONGRATULATIONS, I loved this piece of artwork!
It reminds me traditional oil paintings, like I love to do.



I love it! It’s amazingly spooky like an RPG, nightmare come to life. GREAT work!


Speechless Man! Outstanding !!! 5 Stars From Me!!!


gr8 work !

5 stars !


:wise: [font=Verdana]great piece. supernatural[/font]


nice! is so so:thumbsup:


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