L'enfant De La Prophetie, Aleksi Briclot (2D)


Title: L’enfant De La Prophetie
Name: Aleksi Briclot
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

A cover for the book “l’enfant de la Prophétie”, written by J.V. Jones and published by Calmann Levy for the french market.
Original title : Book of Words.

All Digital. This is the whole cover, so the left part is managed to let the space to text and infos.


Looks like there is some detail in there, I wouldn’t mind seeing some crop shots. Otherwise it looks great. I really like the fire (or perhaps fire like energy :P) around his body, that was done very nicely.



Great, i like the fire, the guy and overall composition. But i think the background or the lightning should be darker to give a mysterious athmosphere which could really strengthen the effect of the fire book itself. Peace


amazing work man, as always, great composition and color, pure magic


Im just a big fan of what you do with photoshop.
Ive spent quite some time digging through your website.
Anything in particular you used for the clouds and background
at least to me I could have sworn it was NOT digital.

Would be really cool to see progress shots on this but thats just me thinking out loud
Great work



You really are one of my favorite artist, this piece put your work way over the top for me. I really have nothing to crit, I love the mood, details, color…

really nice job


sheer brilliance! What can I say… Colours, atmosphere, composition, painting style, you rock


great work!:thumbsup:


wow…This is excellent work!I like it so much!


whoa~~this is one brilliant piece,i echoed andi,slightly darker on the background will add to piece mysteriously.astounding as in overall.


Wow! I want to read that book!

Your painting really makes me wonder what is going on! Well done and beautiful job!


terrific work! you have created a wonderfully evocative image here



Very dramatic and certainly makes one want to read the book. Of course, in the states we’ll probably get something nowhere near as good as this. Excellent work!


Great work! Aleks!
I love the mood & color!
Especially the magic fire.
Outstanding details too!:thumbsup:

5 stars for you!


What the hell man:eek: !! u are impressive… sure no critics but a lot of congratulations!
maybe someday I would reach your skills in coloring and adding details.
Show me more,


Wow, some people really can see the forest through the trees!!!

Beautiful work!!!


Aleksi…you’re da man! Everything you do is just…!!!


wow, thats excellent ! :thumbsup:


Awesome work, love the color composition, the mood. very detailed. :buttrock:


I love the burning hands!