Lemog & 3dTextures WebSite


The new version (v5) of Lemog-3dTextures is now completely online and finished…

…of course, you can find all my CG works…

…and more especially 3735 seamless textures in 512x512 pixels… totally free

and a new section, with 150 textures in 1600x1200 pixels… reserved to the registered members, and totally free too (more regularly).

Have fun… :slight_smile:



[left]Awesome man, thanks! Lemog is a household name, so-to-speak, down at the animation lab, I’m glad to see you branching out into high resolution textures.


Thank you Lemog !


Great news! Thanks :thumbsup:


Not wanting to seem ungrateful, but what’s with all the Pop-ups! Man that’s irritatiing, and immediately makes me shut down that page to kill the pops. Not good practice.

Especially since I access from work, and the connections are monitored, I want full control of the websites opened. Too many bad experiences with pop-ups gets them all clumped into my Do Not Visit category.


Thank you Lemog :bowdown:


Not wanting to seem ungrateful, but what’s with all the Pop-ups! Man that’s irritatiing, and immediately makes me shut down that page to kill the pops. Not good practice.

Easy solution. You can find it here.


chrisWhite - texxx - Gunilla - WilliamMAX -> Glad you like :beer:

Nobody is obliged to go on my website… but all these textures are FREE… I’m okay to share “my work”… but not to pay a expansive hosting for more of 700mo with at least 60go of brandwidth…

Nichod -> thanks for the solution…:wink: me also, doesn’t have prob with IE…


and there they are. all the wallpapers in one place… :thumbsup:


Hahaha… you’re right… I’ve forgotten to speak about all these wallpapers… for funny moments :beer:


Great, I always meant to bookmark your site and go through it well, I will not forget
this time!




As an user of your site, thank you! gracias!


Well… welcome at Nut’s Home my friend :beer:

De nada ombre… estoy muy contento que esta pagina web y estas texturas te vale…
Veo que estas apasionaba para aviones, buena cosa, enhorabuena para tus realizaciones en curso :thumbsup: Pienso que vio el Dewoitine 520 en mi pagina web, y los 2 aviones antiguos entonces :wink:


Hi Laurent,

thank’s for this link…great to see all your stunning artwork together:thumbsup: …I’ll need a while to take a closer look at each of these pictures:) ! And thank’s of course for all the free textures…again a lot of work for you to collect and put them all together:bowdown:!



Thanks Sabie… if all these textures can be useful for you… it’s the most important for me, and I’m really happy to share all this little work.
Now, I must try to do some regular updates… and find some time regularly to do that.
Nice day for you Sabie… always no cigarettes ? I really hope… that can change you life girl :thumbsup:


trop classe !

great pictures on your site, and Merci pour les Textures ! :thumbsup:


HEYYY,one again! thanx lemog,i should tell u something,maybe it was more than 2-3 years ago,which i bookmarked ur textures page,and i downloaded as much as i could,on that time,ur website had the highest rank,in sites,for"free downloadable textures,"!
still i have those cool textures,(my favorit was tiles section!):smiley:
have fun lemog,and thanx a lot!:thumbsup:


great site lemog, its in my favorites now, see you and thanks mate :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Regular updates? A good thing and should’nt be a problem for you:D …seeing all the work you’ve done during the last months you are a master of time-management for me:bowdown: …

and thank’s for your question, still smokefree…and changes are already there…I mutated from a mosttimes friendly and harmless person to a bad mooded, nervous and sleepless thing:twisted: …and of course eating all the Xmas-cookies I can get:banghead: …and not able to work with some concentration:sad: …you are talking of these kind of changes??
Nevertheless…have a nice day too:wavey: !



your the man :slight_smile: i dont mind the pop ups (get a pop up stopper >>>complaining guy)

its free and its good what else do you want

thanks again