leif3d REEL 2010


Hi everyone,
This is a compilation of several years of work.
I hope everyone enjoys it.


[Quicktime ](http://www.leif3d.com/reel_Quicktime.html)
 Tools used in reel:
 Maya, Renderman Studio/ Pro Server, Mental Ray, Fusion, After Effects, Zbrush, Syntheyes, Photoshop, Illustrator.


Great reel.

I really liked the Candyworld from the beginning… very nice done.

cheers djart73


great reel :applause: , i enjoyed watching it , my only crit is the music is a little not in the right mood imo , but anyhow cool stuff :wink:


Impressive works. :bowdown:


Awesome work! Very nice reel!

   Thanks Dieter. 
   That was a crazy project. :D
   We pulled off 70 shots from the ground up in 3 months with a 3 person team.
   It was all shot in RED 4K and keyed in Fusion. The CG was all Maya/ Renderman/ Fusion. Modeling and texturing in Zbrush; 1 channel float tifs were a great resource saver for PRMan displacements. :D
   ...lots of hard work was needed (no days off for 90 days!), but everything was worth it in the end. 
   Thanks for the crit Tal. 
   It took me a bit too choose the music, but in the end I thought the chosen track contrasted with the psychedelic nature of the reel, while keeping the pace together somehow, but yes, I've heard very mixed opinions on the music. :)
   Thanks Alexander!
   Thanks Thiago! 
   Comments like these keep me going! :D

There’s so much quality stuff around here, so hearing some positive comments is always motivating. Thanks again guys.:beer:


Awesome reel. I really like the work in it. Great animations and phantastic sense of motion and design.
Keep it up!

Cheers Silverwing


Thanks so much Raphael.
I’ve watched your work before and I really dig it. Your design style is very interesting.


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