Lego Burly Brawl, James Goodhead (3D)


Title: Lego Burly Brawl
Name: James Goodhead
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Illustrator, LightWave 3D, Photoshop

This is one of the first images I made using my new Legoman model. I created the models and the image about 4 months ago but I’ve been offline since then so I haven’t had a chance to post it until now. It’s based on a scene from the movie, The Matrix Reloaded. I made the image by incorporating Lightwave 3D models with Illustrator/Photoshop images for surfaces. The background may not look finished but I tried making an environment but it just ended up looking wrong, besides I think the black background with the grey floor makes the emphasis on the characters themselves.

I would like to know what your opinions are on how the models look for only being my third fully finished 3D model. Actually I’d pretty much just like to know what everyone thinks of it overall, because since I created it I’ve been rather proud of the image and the model, and I would just like to know if its worth being proud of.

Thank you all :slight_smile:


Idea not bad, but with materials still it is necessary to work…


Well, althought you wanted the grey ground and to emphasis the chars, the work just looks plain and unfinished.

Maybe if there were ALOT more LEGO smiths in there it would look better but its really lacking. I definatly recommend spending the time to make the BG for it.

Also, whats the go with Neos legs? his right leg looks like is mashed into the ground or somthing?

Dont take offence if I sounded harsh, its just with more work this could really turn out cool :slight_smile:


ok dARCKLOWN. i get what you mean about it looking plain and unfinished so i guess ill try and work on an environment, better get out me reloaded dvd.

and if i could put more lego smiths in there i would but i was really pushing my computer by putting in as many as i have. ive only got an old slow computer so i cant really do that much with it. putting in more lego smiths would make it run too slow.

as for neos legs, the right leg is bent underneath him, under his coat, hes kneeling on it. his ankels do have strange joints but i was really pressed for an idea for the joint so that it could move around fully. a ball made it look even stupider so i rounded off the end of his leg. thats why it looks like that but i didnt think it looked that bad.

i wouldnt take offence from anything you say, i posted my work up and if i cant take any criticism of it then im not gonna get very far. thanks for replyin though.


sorry about not replying for a while but ive been doing other stuff before i could get around to this. but anyway, ive started work on the burly brawl environment. i spent half an hour the other day going slow through the whole scene and mapping out what the environment looks like, and now ive got around to actually modelling it. i started it last night with a couple of hours of work and now today ive done a few more.

now before i show you the pic ill just say that the textures are all wrong. i have put a different colour for each different texture, but theyre the wrong colours. for now though theyre just there to give me an idea of the seperate surfaces and what it looks like. also, another thing, to add morestyle to the image i decided to put Lego Neo in the middle as if hes walking through the environment. the background though is just a quarter of what ive done, but if you just imagine what you can see mirrored along the right side of the image and then through the middle where Neo is, thats what it all looks like.

so heres the pic anyway …



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