LEGO: Bionicle


And now for something slightly more on topic:

It’s looking great. I don’t really have many negatives to say, since its so early in the modeling. When you render, don’t forget to show scale though. As it is, these look like huge giant feet. I’m not sure how other modelers do it, but I’ve seen some people really effectively create the miniature look to thier models without any point of reference for scale…

anyone have any ideas? actually I’m asking somewhat selfishly, because I want to do some “minature-esque” models.


From what I see it looks great, looks like a huge lego pieces. Keep it up.


You can make thing look small by almost removing the perspective, I think that’s because your eyes are closer to the object then they are to eachother???


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I think this will turn out great.
Great details and good modeling.

I made some LEGO too a while back.

(comments are still welcome altough the thread is old) :wink:


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It’s really hard to find the old-school legos these days. Most major toy stores now only cary the lisenced ones: (ie: star wars, harry pothead), or the themed legos, medival, space whatever. Everything comes with special pieces now, major portions of the models that would had to have been creatively handled with the old-school modular blocks are now done before you even open the box. It’s dissapointing really, takes a lot of the fun out of the toy, and I dare say is dumbing up a generation of potential engineers.

That being said I really like the mechanical aspect of the bionicles. I think they really encourage a child to think mechanically. Smartening up a generation of future concept modelers :slight_smile:


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Cool stuff so far.

I don’t know what program you are modelling in but if your 3D app has some sort of edge softener or micro-bevel plugin then I think you should consider using it because at the moment all your edges are razor sharp and a kid would cut himself to bits making this Bionicle. =]-

I suppose when lego first comes straight out of it’s plastic bag it it as clean, sharp and unmarked as you have it but if you have the time and inclination a bit of micro-bevelling as described below might really sell your model more

But like I say, cool stuff. I’ll be watching to see the final result[s].

I’ve always loved lego. I am old enough to remember a time before space lego existed. Then we got the white astronauts, then the red astronauts, then it got silly with the yellow ones and by the time the blue and black astronauts were introduced - well, my pocket money couldn’t keep up… =]-


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It looks really great mayhemation !

For you who wants to build an old lego model, here is a cool link


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Originally posted by mayhemation
[B]Yeah I have noticed the edges are a little sharp, this is simply because I am using simple shapes to model this :wink:

I would love to do this with the soft edges, I am using 3dsmax and could have added a mesh smooth and just chamfer the edges to get the same result, but at the moment it is over 300,000 polys just as it is and I am trying to keep this down as my system is struggling as it is.

I haven’t seen it in action but apparently for LW someone wrote a plugin that does something to the edges at rendertime, some sort of image process on the edges of the render or similar.
However it does it, it just means you don’t have to add the edge detail in as geometry.

Maybe somebody has written a similar thing for Max?


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