Legion01, .::strike::. (3D)


that’s insane… dissappointed? moi? I’ll be dissappointed if you don’t show us more angles and some wireframes :cool:
awesome work


some wireframes :

You still can follow the evolution in the wip section :slight_smile:


cool- looks unreal tournament 2003 inspired :slight_smile: someone has prolly already said something about it. i like the missing eye.


F***ing amazing man! very very well done. You don’t have any tuts on texturing do you?:bounce: :bounce:


.::STRIKE::. , this is very cool:p
Especially the textures are looking very detailed!


inspiring work you´ve done there! the head is really soft and fleshy. I also like the metal and the color range you used. I took a look at the progress of this image and I must say it truly turned out nicely in the last worksteps.

5 stars from me! :thumbsup:


Woah great model, great details. Could be a model for Quake IV :slight_smile:


Damn! I quit telling you that this is good :applause:


the armor looks heavy, are there gonna be any hydraulics in it?

btw amazing work :slight_smile:


Great work Strike, I love the texturing…particularly the metal!

This guy looks tough and dangerous, definitely a battle-hardened look to him, he’s seen action and could probably crack some skulls without too much trouble :smiley:

Reminds me of the Firebat from Starcraft…can hear him saying “I loooove the smell of napalm!” while hosing down a pack of zerglings with his flamethrower :slight_smile:

Oh, and I really like the damaged look to his left eye.


awsome dude… :beer:



his right eye is disabled, which makes the character more of a character. i like it :thumbsup:


very cool :beer:


Outstanding. :applause:

Could you post some info on your texturning methods; procedurals? Image maps? UV or projection? :slight_smile:



Thx all !! :slight_smile:

For surfacing i used both procedurals and image maps :

first i created this one under photoshop with different brushes and selections :

Then i created all my procedural like below, and playing between them and alpha images, created with the last one desaturated.

Then i reproduced the main procedurals between my speculars, reflections and bump.

And most important things to have this feeling was a HDRI in background, that is mainly orange/yellow/copper colored.

Then i did the same for the most clear section, by just changing my color from the color map to a lighter one.


that’s awsome :buttrock:

he looks like frostbite from ut2k3 :eek:


I love your Quads.

Oh yeah.


Very impressive! It’s a great leap from the previous image with the same character. I like very much the metal texturing :thumbsup:


hm… it looks very nice…
but the nose looks like needs to be improved…
coz looks a little weird…


Wowwe! Looks awesome :d