Legion01, .::strike::. (3D)


Well, i still working on this one, but when doing it, i thought this one could be a full image, due to the fact i don’t know how will be the final WIP.

Anyway… hope you’ll be not disappointed about this one not really finished.


This picture looks great !!!
Nice modelling and texturing, want to see an animation


No reason to be dissapointed at all…its just superb:thumbsup:

very nice modelling and extreme nice texture work
I just love it

Keep it up


Just went for a little visit at your website…oh my god…you’ve got a lot of treasures for the eye…nice indeed


That is a superb piece, Strike :applause:

That face is really creepy :slight_smile:

Is that the same face as in your new avatar?


That looks awesome… great as always… :thumbsup:


Its not a full picture! :annoyed: just kidding! :thumbsup: :smiley:


thanks :slight_smile:

Leigh : yes it’s the same just before his “accident” you can see more here : Cliick for the WIP


I´m really impressed…
great work!! remembers me …hmmm… warhammer 40K ? Does anyone know this game ?



hey strike!

fantastic work on this guy! :slight_smile: i really like this one, and the textures look great!!



what do you mean it is not finish. this model is the bomb the textures are exellcent the render is great and the model it ahhhh.
I say that this model is finished GREAT WORK. btw i like the way you did the eye:buttrock: :thumbsup:


Holy crap! This is incredible work! I love the textures and the expression on his face! Awesome job man! Hope to see a larger pic soon! :smiley:


looks great. I especially like the cloudy eye. I’m just a little curiouse as to how the person could possibly walk with a suit that big!


Awesome work! Reminds me of one of the soldiers from Unreal Tournament 2003. Keep it up!


Well done .::STRIKE::.
once again very fast progress you made… The final picture looks great! :thumbsup:


“Marblemad” is strikingly looking awesome !
can’t wait to see the rest :slight_smile:


cornel : got it ! Exactly my inspiration for this image. Warhammer 40 k rulezzz !! :slight_smile:

Jeffo : thx !

xasteycracker : thanks, i said not finished coz i just build the top part of the full character, but just wanted to post in galery to show you all this one

xeno : i don’t think i’ll post a larger one coz this kinda render take long… long… long… :wink:

stephen2002 : i’m working on it. In fact it will be a kinda meka armor like in Appleseed, or to give you an idea : alien 2 bots

RavenX : Thanks. Unreal is a very good game !

coCoKNIght : i hope to show more :slight_smile:

gom : :wink: merci amigo :slight_smile:


The textures are so groovy! Nice color scheme! :drool:


What is not finished there, would be very interesting know !!!
There are great pictures on your site too, awesome portfolio !!!
:thumbsup: :applause: :buttrock:


That is VERY nice strike!!..I love it!! The message in some of your work is also fantasic!! :thumbsup: I’d really like to see the rest of him!! Beautiful work.