Hey, I am kinda new to this, and am not the oldest in this group. I want to start to work with 3ds max, but I don’t know much about it. The best I can make is a box. Can you guys point me in the right direction with some tuts that might be helpful and mabey some stuff I should be looking at first?



Choose the ones that say “beginner”


Thanks!! Am i gonna need to know other stuff, I hear people talking about using photoshop.Do I need to learn that stuff 2?


Yeah but don’t overload yourself. There is a photoshop forum also, but one step at a time ok? It’s easy to get discouraged if you try and learn everything at once. First step is to make a good model, try that first. :slight_smile:

Head to the Max tips and tricks section of this forum, that will get you well on your way.


Cheers to your patience, Deathcricket!

But dont be too nice on the newbs that dont read and respect the forum rules…




Yeah, i will take it real slow. And I apologize if it didn’t follow the rules or anything in this post, But I just joined and tehy had to be checked by a mod, so It can’t be too bad. I will check them right now though.


I rip em a little bit…


But yeah Marcusss you are totally right man…

/slaps System_AI on the knuckles

I have a good feeling about this one though. He doesn’t appear the leech type we usually get.

-Deathcricket Out-


I have no idea why u gave me a link for Beveling Edges. I guess my boxes will look a whole lot cooler now. I think i am gonna take this real slow. Might not get into makin anything until I got a good look at everything involved. I was told to really get drawing done first. If I know how to use a pencil, it will be easier working with this stuff is what i was told. Ill just mess around with it in my spare time, nothing big. Thanks for your
“GUIDE LINES” I try not to be the normal n00b(they get flamed to much), but just a fiew question here and there will get me on my way… Thanks Again


Those are some great references there. I am an absolute beginner with 3D work, but have always admired it. I happened to stumble across this board and totally dig it. I hope to be able to learn a lot from here and contribute once I know what the heck I am doing :p.

Thanks again for the excellent resources there!


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