Learning To Draw


Hello Guys,
First of all, I am someone who is extremely interested in learning 3D animation. I LOVE it and everyday I want to develop my skills in it. So I want to learn it and constantly become more and more competent at it. I had some experiences with 3D softwares like Blender but I am kind of a beginner and I want to start learning about 3D animation and in fact start my journey toward becoming a great 3D animator. So with that said, I hear for learning 3D animation you first need to learn the fundamentals especially drawing which is really important to become really great at 3D animation. And I should say that I am one of those kind of people that believe that fundamentals are the most important things to become really good at any skills. So I want to start learning drawing. So I want to ask from you guys (Especially people who are really great at drawing and are masters at drawing or at least a person who really clearly knows the MAP to become great at drawing) to help me to learn it. Could you please give me a detailed explanation of what exactly did you do to become this great at drawing? What was your path to become this good at drawing? What was your plan? What did you do everyday? How much time did you spend to draw everyday? How did you set a goal for a specific drawing skill? Did you go to any particular classes or did you learn on your own? How did you set a deadline for each one of your drawing goals? Which resources did you use that was most useful and great for you? How did you plan to finish every one of those resources? Did you have a mentor along the way? So in general, how did you learn drawing so that I could model you to become great like you?

I know maybe my question takes a long time to answer. But I really appreciate you to taking that time to really help me get the MAP to become better at drawing and indeed in 3D Animation.

As a final note if you have any other suggestion for me to start my path to learning animation (For example if you think I need to learn something else alongside with drawing or you have a completely different plan to suggest or anything else) I would be happy to hear that.

Thanks a lot for your precious time to answer my question.


Have you read the sticky threads at the top of this forum? I have posted on this topic a lot in those sticky threads, and you can the answers to all of your questions in those threads (and the links contained within).