Learning softimage


Hello guys.
Is softimage a good starting point for learning creating 3D animations for me as a total beginner?


Softimage is the most well rounded, easiest to pick up, logical, powerful 3d package out there. That said, you’d be stupid to start learning it now. Autodesk have dug it an early grave.


Yeah Softimage was a big champ. Loved using it so much.

I’d say go check out i3d tutorials for good ol Softimage tuts that are even free regarding mental ray.

Also the usual digital tutors for $40 a month lets you treat it like netflix and watch as much as you can in a month.

Ultimately though unless another company buys softimage it is being left to the dustbin by autodesk. Which is really very sad. I also use Maya and 3ds max as well but Softimage has a special place in my heart for overall app architecture.


Softimage was a good 3D software, but Autodesk have decided to stop funding/developing it.

This means that there will be no more updates for Softimage - the software is basically dead.

You can still learn it, but will then likely have to relearn Maya, C4D, Max or similar, because Softimage will no longer be updated and will soon start ageing as a 3D software as a result.

My advice would be to pick a different 3D software to learn…


  • Artsyboy


Why artsyboy? Softimage is still Light Years ahead of most other Aps, and with ICE and more still a heavy package to use for years to come… It’s use will not die just like that…


It will die sooner than you think though. As a freelancer jobs are already thinning out as studios start to transition over to other packages. And as a studio you will very quickly notice the complete lack of new graduates/junior cg artists using softimage. Bournemouth and other educational institutions have already had to switch over, as students paying course fees don’t want to spent money learning a software with no future.


Wasn’t looking at the market in that aspect, you are right there. Was mainly meaning him as an idividual One Man Operation or Small Team using it.