Learning sculpting, dog-like Creature


after a few of small and simple projects, I decided that I should do something more, so I started this organic model, first made basemesh in 3ds max and then started sculpting in Mudbox.
It’s a creature which should live in abandoned/radioactive city, full of plants and trees, something like Chernobyl, but with skyscrapers and stuff.
It’s my first organic model and first time sculpting something, and I had no idea where else to get some critique, I tried to ask my CG teacher, but she does not know anything about 3D, so I have gonne here.

PS. would be great to know how to post big images (my first time posting)…
oh, and sorry for my english


Ok, so I did not work on it too much, but here’s a little update,
I got this problem, when I was modeling basemesh, I forgot about the tongue, so I added it while sculpting, this is the problem, I want to have the mesh with not so much poly, so I want to make normal map for all the details, but in the lower layers, the tongue is not there, is there anyway I can fix it without doing all the sculpting all over again?


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