Learning Max with a Maya Background


Ok… I have a question for all you Max techs… Is there anyone here who has had to make the transition from Maya to Max as a TD/Rigger?

I’de like to know exactly how hard the switch is, what some of the limits/benefits are to switching etc. Im interested in anyone who has DEEP knowledge of Max in this area. I am quite comfortable in Maya, inlcuding scripting (Non-API). I have to ask this because I know a few modelers/lighting TD’s that have had to switch rom Max to Maya then back to Max, and all they do is complain and rip thier hair out about it.

I am not looking for a flame war of package vs package… Ide just like to know a timeframe I’de need to pick up Max after being comfortable in the deeper aspects of a rival program.

Anyone who has switched from XSI to max would also be very welcome to add to this disscusion :slight_smile:



Coming from a Max background and having to switch to Maya, I can say that the transition wasn’t all that hard. The main thing I had difficulty I had was translating tool names between the two programs. Most packages will have similar toolsets but they are usually named differently depending on which software you are using. On the last project I worked on I was required to switch from Max to Maya in a matter of a couple days. I went to the Alias website and downloaded the Maya-to-Max transition chart. (lower right-hand corner) This is a PDF file that gives you the names of common tools shared by both programs; it helped me a lot…hopefully it’ll be of some help to you. :thumbsup:


I would go to www.3dbuzz.com , download 4-5 extensive tutorials, make some cofee and watch how easy is to rig by using bone tools in max. I am sure that if you are an experienced user in maya, you will find the same principles that define the human movement exist in max too, so you LUCKY !@!@$! can start rigging in zero time!!!

I hope this helped :slight_smile:


I rig in both packages to the same level. Max and Maya have great tools but both in defferent areas. Where one is easy the other is harder. You will have to get used to the fact that things that were real easy in Maya might take some getting used to in Max. Both packages have there quirks and you need to know how to get around them. Scripts that you needed in Maya you may not need in Max and ones that you didn’t in Maya you will need in Max. I like aspects of both packages and wish I could just copy the dll from one into the other to get the uber package.

To give you all the specific details would take forever so i will not even try. Drop by my site as that might have some information about Max there for you.


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