Learning Houdini


true after watching brave i ended up on the page to download the application, it seems good but im a little scared about starting it. But thanks for the links super excited to see what i can come up with :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if the Houdini tutorials from 3D Buzz are still relevant? I heard that the difference between Houdini 8 (what the videos teach) and 12 are quite drastic.


You want to be learning from tutorials made with Houdini 11 or Houdini 12.

There are too many changes between Houdini 8 and Houdini 12 for videos made with Houdini 8 to offer a useful learning experience.


Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

I take it there is no book on Houdini (I haven’t found one anyway) and Digital Tutors has an outdated Houdini course.

Is everyone learning this through Houdini’s help menu and random videos online?


Have you looked at SideFX website . They had lots of links to Houdini training last time I looked.

cmiVFX have a very extensive selection of Houdini training.
Peter Quint also has some great tutorials on Vimeo.



and don’t ignore tutorials that are old (pre v11/v12)
MOST things haven’t changed in years, and the stuff that has can be adapted pretty quickly…and if you get stuck just ask on on the forums


I remember a very bad feeling with houdini modelling tools.

Some advanced character modelling demo/tutorial is welcome


Is everyone learning this through Houdini’s help menu and random videos online?

Read the help and look at the example files. The secret to learning Houdini is not to think do a , b ,c steps to get X . You need to learn how to move data around and manipulate it by learning the building blocks then you can do anything.



I am going through the 12 week masterclass video on the houdini website which is great so far. So far my experience with houdini has been a lot of “wow you can do that?!” :smiley:


how’s it going so far sheepfactory? I’m back to considering looking at houdini again and looking for training. Seems the sidefx site is the way to go with some videos here and there from Peter Quint.

But yeah, the lessons on the sidefx site seem extensive to get you up and running.

these are the ones you’re going through sheepfactory?

First Steps | Intro series



I am using the sidefx Tutorials section, those are great to get you into the loop, remind things, etc etc.

i do one per week - (i mean the lesson is like 1-2 hours) but spend the rest of the week coming up with my own things, and even explore stuff.
i jump ahead from time to time, but just because i am curious :slight_smile: hehe

happy learning


Garman Herigstad has some pretty good Houdini lessons at VizyAcky.com, which won’t cost you an arm or a leg either.

I when though his Houdini Introduction, which was pretty intensive to say the least. Many many hours of video and over 100 Houdini files.

He also make updates for things which changed in Houdini 13 which was pretty cool.


Hi all, Im mainly a 3ds max Thinking particles user, And quite new to Houdini. I have a question about an effect. can anyone give me a clue about how to do something like this?


Thanks :slight_smile:


you mean like this ?


That was some months ago, I ended up doing this, but the project doesnt was finished.



best forum for houdini is

lots of good basic tutorials from peter quint



I personally, liked the tutorials I bought from Tyler Bay , he is a great tutor, you can check his tutorials here : https://www.cgcircuit.com/instructor/tyler.bay . In case someone needs it :slight_smile:


Anyone ever did the Rebelway courses for Houdini?